The Best Gifts I've Ever Received | Blogmas Day 17

December 17, 2017

Today I wanted to reflect on the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. There have been quite a few gifts in my life that meant a lot to me. Either at the time or looking back now. So I want to take a look through the years and tell you some of the best gifts I've ever gotten.

2002 or 2003: A Barbie Jeep

I was 5 at the time and all I wanted was an electric Barbie Jeep. It was one of those Power Wheels cars for kids 4+. I would drive that thing all summer, up and down my aunt's really long driveway. I drove it down little hills and I'm really surprised that it never tipped on me.

I loved that thing. I drove it over my Aunt's gravel driveway so much that the hard plastic wheels wore down completely there are no treads left on it. The battery died years ago but it's still in my dad's garage. I drove that thing until I was way too big to fit. It supplied years and years of fun!

2004 or 2005: My Bike

I used to ride up and down my Aunt's driveway all summer long. The thing is no one ever taught me how to balance. Go ahead, have a laugh. I'm almost 20 and don't know how to properly ride a bike. So I rode that bike up and down with the training wheels still on. Even at age 9. I went fast enough that the trainers never touched the ground but I didn't know who to stay steady when I was slowing down. 

I haven't ridden a bike since 2007. When my aunt died there was nowhere for me to ride it. And since no one has ever taught me I wouldn't be able to ride one now. Maybe I'll learn one day

Even though I rode that bike with trainers it still provided a crazy amount of fun! I used to fly up and down my Aunt's driveway. My mom used to have to tell me to slow down.

2010: My First Guitar

My dad got me this beautiful black and pearl acoustic guitar. I still play it all the time! I thought myself how to play guitar on that guitar! I love that guitar so much! Getting that guitar sparked a passion for playing that I still have today!

2015: My DSLR

This wasn't technically a Christmas gift but I had to include it! I use it almost every day! I really wanted to get into photography so my dad put a Canon T5 DSLR on layaway for me. I feel in love from the moment I opened it. I use it for all of my blog photos! It is one of the most useful things I own!

2016: My Laptop

My old laptop was dying. It was beyond slow even though I replaced the hard drive. Then it took a small fall off the side of my bed and the screen got cracked up pretty badly. My dad got me a new laptop for Christmas last year and it has been a good send. I use this Laptop every day. Without it, I wouldn't have my blog! My mom got me Adobe Photoshop that year and the two have been my dynamic duo ever since.

Every Christmas: My dad always makes sure to see me on Christmas

With all these things in mind truly the best gift I've ever gotten is that my dad has made sure to never miss a Christmas. He always makes a point to be with me. The year my parents split up he could only visit for a short time but he made sure to see me. I'm going to stop writing this now because I'm tearing up.

What is the best gift you have every received? Share it in the comments! I'd love to read about it!

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Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

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