April 12, 2017

My Blog is 2! | My Blog Goals for Year 3

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY ZombieGoddess Beauty!! I can't believe I've been writing this blog for 2 years! It doesn't seem like that long ago. I can't believe what a different person I am now. It is so surprising at how much someone can change in just two years.

I am so happy that I am still blogging! I hit a bit of a slump last year and didn't feel like writing at all. Whereas this year I'm writing more than ever and I've been uploading every other day and everyday this month!

I am so proud of myself for keeping to my new upload schedule! I've been having a lot of fun uploading everyday this month but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to getting back to every other day uploads.

Everyday uploads are really fun and I love putting out so much content that I really enjoy making but it is taking a lot out of me. I really love the everyday uploads but every other day is a little more my style right now.

The birthday celebration will last through the month as I continue to upload everyday until May! Today I wanted to celebrate the milestones I've had in these 2 years and talk about some goals I have for ZGBeauty over the next year.

So let's start with celebrating some milestones!


Earlier this year I published my 100th blog post! I still can't believe I've written so many! I've already done 56 posts this year, this is 57! So with the publishing of this post my total is 141! By the end of April I'll be at 159! Only 49 more too 200! It's insane!

My 100th post was My Beauty Product Wish List. I kind of wish I would have done a milestone/celebration post but I did mention at the beginning how exciting it was to do my 100th post! A milestone post would have been nice but I also kind of wanted it to be a normal post.


I am not the kind of person to obsess over follow counts and page views but this is still really exciting! 1,000 people made the decision to follow me on twitter. Whether that be for my blog or my tweets it still really exciting.

1,000 Twitter followers was going to be goal in this post but as I hit it 2 days ago it's now a milestone!


In August of 2016 I started a blog twitter to tweet out new posts, update you guys on when I'm uploading and tweet out archives and other posts. 2 days ago it hit 200 followers! I was so excited! 200 people like this blog enough to follow a twitter account dedicated to it!


This might seem like a small number but finally breaking 200 is huge for me. I've was stuck at 175 for about 6 months and 195 for about 2. It is so nice to finally be out of the 100s!


I can't believe 100 people like my blog and follow it on BlogLovin'! It's insane! I just hit 100 today and I am beyond excited!


I set a goal in December 2016 to upload every other day in 2017 and so far I've done it! And then in February I came up with the idea of uploading everyday in April in celebration of today. And so far I've done it! 

Now onto some goals for the next year..


I want to hit 200 overall posts by my blog's 3rd birthday. If I upload every other day this year as planned along with everyday uploads this month I will have uploaded 215 posts this year alone! Insane!


Only uploaded 50 posts in 2015 and a mere 34 in 2016. I want to upload more this year! And I've already passed them both and it's full steam ahead! I really hope I can keep to my upload schedule and upload the 215!


My twitter numbers have been going up a ton since I started scheduling tweets and interacting more! A month a ago I never would have dreamed for 1.5K let alone 2K but I think it might be within reach now. Or at least I hope! I would just say 1,500 but go big or go home!


With the current follow/unfollow state of Instagram this one may be a long shot but I am going work on better Insta photos and having a theme this year. Fingers crossed it goes well!


BlogLovin' is my favorite to watch grow! It means that you guys reading this are enjoying my content and wanna stick around and see more! It means alot to me when someone follows my blog on BlogLovin'! Thank you to everyone coming from BlogLovin!


Twitter is the easiest to grow on. I think 800 in a year won't be too hard. Twitter can grow pretty fast. I hit 100 on March 13. I hit 200 just 2 days ago. Fingers crossed!

All the talk about followers aside let me say it's not about the numbers. It has never been about the numbers. I write this blog because I love it. I'm not in it for the numbers or the views or the sponsored content. I truly love writing this blog.

But the numbers can get exciting. High numbers mean more people are viewing and possibly enjoying your content! It's impossible not to get a little excited. 

The one thing I really want is on my blog's birthday next year to look back at 2017 and be proud of my content and the amount of work I put in this year. The numbers are great but what I think about my content is what really matters

Thanks for joining me to wish my blog a Happy Birthday. I still can't believe it's been 2 years!

What are your blogging goals for the next year? Let me know in the comments!

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If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me or leave them in the comments below. 

Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon Rebel T5 with a 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.
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Danielle Ruppert said...

2 years?! That is soo exciting! I cannot wait to see where I am in 2 years of blogging♥ I think you have some really great goals! Happy Blog Birthday :)

-Danielle Ruppert

Tania Pryer said...

Happy blog birthday!!!! :) Looks like some exciting goals to try and achieve this year, so good luck! :) Tania Michele xx

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