About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Cassie. I’m 19 years old. I love to write and create. I love trying new products & sharing my love of makeup with the world. I love playing video games, mostly story driven games. I love to bake and cook. And I love making DIYs I see online. 

I started really getting into makeup when I was 15. I decided to start a this blog not long after my 16 birthday. I really love writing and makeup so I decided to bring them together here. I got inspiration from ladies wonderful like Zoella, Tanya Burr and Fleur DeForce. 

In case you can't tell by my posts I am addicted to lip products. I just really love them. They are the one makeup product I can't say no to. If I find a lip product on sale or just see a new look that looks great I just can't say no.

I'm a huge geeky nerd. I love all things Sci-fi and fantasy.  I'm a huge gamer. I love story driven games. Anything with a good story can get me hooked. Some of my geeky loves include, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Attack on Titan, Star Trek, Star Wars, Harley Quinn and The Joker, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Supernatural, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Death Note, and so much more.

Since I have a grand total of 2 photos of me on this blog here is a collection of some of my favorite photos of me. These are all from my Instagram.

I also love photography! I started when my dad got me a DSLR for Christmas and fell in love! Nature is my favorite subject. I take all the photos from my blog and I love it. 

I have spent hours and hours taking photos. I've gone on long hikes just to take photos. I love nature and photography. You can see some of my photos and read a little more about my photography here.

This is one of my favorites shots that I have taken. It was at the Newport Aquarium in Newport KY/Cincinnati OH on their 75ft Shark Bridge. You walk 75ft over the shark tank!You can see more on the page linked above!

You can learn more about ZombieGoddess Beauty Blog here, and if you'd like to get to know me a little better you can check some posts about me here.

Thanks for checking out my About Me page! It means a lot that you want to get to know me better!