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 I take all my own photos for this blog but I also take photos in my free time. I love to take photos of nature. It's obvious by this blog that I love makeup. I thought I would take a moment to dedicate a page on this blog to my other love, photography.

This is the sunset out of my bedroom window back in April of this year.

My favorite things to take photos of are, sunsets, beautiful bright flowers, rivers & lakes, strange clouds, cityscapes, old architecture and bridges, old trees, strange leaf patterns, and anything in nature that really catches my eye.

I also really love taking photos for this blog. Every photo on this blog was taken by me. (Unless stated other wise)

I really love being behind the camera.

This is a bridge near where I live that goes over the Ohio River.

The Cincinnati Skyline from the Kentucky side of the river. 

I went to the Newport Aquarium and had a great time taking photos of the marine life.

I still can't believe the amazing shots I got at from the Aquarium. The One with the shark is going over the Shark Bridge. It's a 75ft rope bridge that goes over the shark tank. They were swimming under us. It was amazing. The jellies were so pretty. There were a few different kinds but this shot of the small jellies was my favorite. The seahorse in this photo was so tiny. No bigger than the tip of my pinky. And that lizard was just so cute! I can't remember what kind here was but he was just sitting there sunbathing e let me get that awesome shot.

 I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot into my love for photography. (Pun intended) I really love it!

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**All Images are copyright to ZombieGoddess Photography and Cassie Hampson**


  1. Hi Cassie, I found you through a link you left in a comment on about the drop down navigation menu on blogger. You said:"I hate that mine doesn't stretch across the whole blog. I'm working on coding this one now." Looks like you figured it out! So I hopped over here and see that yours is exactly what I am looking for. I am trying to find ways to make my blog look prettier and useful. Would you be wanting to help me with mine?

    Have a great day,

  2. >Pascale De Groof

    Hey! Thank you some much for checking out my blog. Mine still doesn't stretch all the way. This is the code I had before I found Jessica's tutorial. I'm doing a tutorial on how I made this one soon. If you shoot me an email from my contact page. I can email you the codes and walk you through how to edited it and how to add it to your blog! I'm still working on how to make it stretch.


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