Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2015

I can’t believe this is my last post of the year. How fitting that it is my 50th post. I really love that I’m wrapping up the year with my 50th. And that the first post I’m writing on my new computer is my 50th.
Back to it being Christmas day. I’ll be spending the day with my family. This is my first time I’ll be with my niece and nephew on Christmas Day. I’m so excited to see them tonight!

I’m going to keep this one short. I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a happy and safe holiday. And if you don’t celebrate it then I hope you have a great day. And I hope you all have happy new year. And may your 2016 be awesome.

Merry Christmas Everyone! See you in January!

My Top 10 Lippies for Christmas - Blogmas Day 6

December 16, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to Blogmas day 6! If you’ve been on my blog for a little while then you know I’m all about lippies and I just couldn’t let the festive season go by without doing a post all about my favorite lippies for Christmas. Classic red is probably my favorite lip shade. I love red lips so much!
I decided to come up with 10 of the best Christmas reds. These lippies are a mix of drugstore and high-end brands. These are some of my favorite lippies all year around but they are just perfect for Christmas. Since they are shades for Christmas they are going to be similar. Most of them are classic reds. I just have so many for the different formulas.

My Christmas Essentials - Blogmas Day 5

December 14, 2015

Welcome to Blogmas Day 5. Day 5 was going to go up yesterday but I was a way from the internet so I had to wait until today to upload. I was going to do DIY cards today but the designs I was going to do just didn’t work. 

So I decided to do My Christmas Essentials. Kind of a mix between What’s in My Christmas Makeup Bag and My Must Haves to Survive the Christmas Season. I love this idea and I’m much more excited to do this post instead of cards. I hope you all enjoy.

The Holly Jolly TAG - Blogmas Day 4

December 10, 2015

I can't believe it's Blogmas day 4 already! December is going by so fast! For my Blogmas post today I decided to do the Holly Jolly TAG. I just love all of these Christmassy tags! They make me feel so festive!

I took out a few questions to make it a little smaller. And so there weren’t any double questions with the other Christmas tags I’ve done this year. A few questions from the original version of this tag were very similar to other questions in the other tags.

I’m tagging my sister who you can find on her YouTube channel. She’s doing 25 days of Christmas crafts so you can check that out too. I’m also tagging all of you. Let me know you answers in the comments below.

So let’s get into these Christmassy questions. 

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Blogmas Day 3

December 07, 2015

My mom used to always set up Christmas crafts for us to do. I’ve made ornaments from the tin off of coffee cans and butter tub lids. We used to make snowmen out of paper plates and cotton balls. My mom always had something for us kids to do.

Making some ornaments for my tree this year brought back a lot of memories. I made quite a few different styles and I thought today I’d share a few of them with you.

This or That - Christmas Edition - Blogmas Day 2

December 04, 2015

Welcome to day 2 of blogmas. I decided to do another fun Christmassy tag. Like the Christmas tag there are a few versions of this floating around but I came up with 10 new questions to make a whole new tag.

I’ll be tagging my sister again who you can find on her YouTube Channel. I also tag all of you. A copy of the questions will be in the comments. You can leave you answers that or if you have a blog or YT channel you can leave a link.

So let’s jump into day two of the Christmassy fun.

The Christmas TAG - Blogmas Day 1

December 01, 2015

I have always had a love for Christmas. This is my favorite time of year. So to kick off the season and blogmas I’m doing the Christmas TAG!

There are tons of different versions of this tag floating around the internet. I decided to come up with my own questions to make it a whole new tag.

I’ll be tagging my sister because I know she is as crazy as I am about Christmas. She will be doing this tag on her YouTube Channel. I also tag all of you. 

Let’s spread the Christmas cheer! Let me know your answers in the comments or if your do this tag on your blog or YouTube Channel link it in the comments. A copy of the questions will be in the comments.

So let’s start the Christmas fun!

Monthly Favorites | November 2015

November 30, 2015

I can’t believe that November is over! I been feeling festive since the last week of August but I’ve gotten even more excited this month as everyone else is now in the spirit. I decorated my mantle on the first and I would have already had my tree up but I’m still on the search for a small more realistic fake one. Most of the small ones look so fake. Finding a 4-5 foot fake tree that looks more on the real side is actually pretty hard.

Anyway back to my favorite things this month. I didn’t have many beauty faves this month. I’ve been using my usual products that I know well and really love. But I have been loving a ton of random stuff this month. So let’s get started.

The Winter TAG

November 23, 2015

Now I know it’s not technically winter yet but it’s freezing here and it already feels like winter. Since I’m doing a lot of Christmas things in December I thought I would do this tag this week. All the Christmas fun starts later this week.
I mixed a couple of the winter tags together into one tag. Since I’m doing a Christmas TAG soon I took out all the Christmas questions. I also added a new question or two.

I’m going to tag my sister Melanie. She will be doing this tag on her YouTube Channel. I also tag all of you! As always a copy of the questions will be in the comments below.

Let me know your answers in the comments or if you have a blog or YouTube channel leave a link to your tag in the comments.

So let’s get to it.

My Autumn Essentials

November 17, 2015

I know everyone has been doing the autumn essentials posts and I’m jumping on and doing one of my own. I have been enjoying read everyone’s posts and getting new recommendations for fall. I wanted to share my must haves for fall, beauty and otherwise.

I’m going to be talking about my must have fall beauty products, candles, jumpers and a whole lot more of the things that I love in fall.

This or That TAG - Fall Edition

November 12, 2015

This is the third fall tag I’ve done this season. They are just so fun! I saw this one and just had to do it! Fall is my favorite season and I’m just loving all of the fall tags.

I’ve also done The Fall Favorites TAG and I did The Sweater Weather TAG last week.

I hope this isn’t too much fall. I’ve been doing a lot of fall posts not just tags. I just love fall so much! If you love fall as much as I do you can find my other autumn posts here. Let’s love fall together!

Same as last week I’m tagging my sister. Check out her YouTube Channel. She does a lot of seasonal and cool DIYs. And of course I tag all of you too! 

I love to hear peoples’ answers for this kind of thing. As always the questions are in the comments. 

So please leave your answers in the comments or if you have a blog or YouTube Channel leave a link to your tag in the comments below!

So let’s get started!

The Sweater Weather TAG

November 07, 2015

I have said so many times that autumn is my favorite season. I’ve probably said it so many times that it might be annoying by now. I know that this tag is an old one but I just love fall and everything that comes with it! I just had to do this tag!

I going to tag my sister because I know she loves Fall just as much as I do. Melanie will be doing this tag on her YouTube Channel

I also tag all of you. Leave your answers in the comments or if you have a YouTube Channel or blog leave a link to your tag in the comments.

A copy of the questions will be in the comments below as always. I hope you guys enjoy this tag!

Monthly Favorites | October 2015

November 03, 2015

I can’t believe it’s already November! October was a great month. Autumn is my favorite season which is probably why I can’t decide if my favorite month is October or December. I love autumn but I just love the Christmas atmosphere.

October is just such a great month though. I love the falling leaves and the crisp air. The hoodies, and sweaters, and boots, and beanies and scarves, and gloves, and hot coffees and tea. I just love it all!

I didn’t have too many beauty favorites this month because I was sick for the last two weeks but I some random favorites too. So let’s get to it.

The Halloween TAG

October 28, 2015

I love Halloween! It’s been tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday since I was a kid. I just love all the dark and creepy things. I love looking at all the Halloween decorations people put in their yard. I really love when people go all out.

I’m so excited for Halloween this year! I just had to do this tag! Since my sister is the one who introduced me to my love of Halloween I have to tag her. She will be doing this tag on her YouTubeChannel.

I also tag all of you! Let me know your answers in the comments! Or if you have a YouTube Channel or blog leave a link to your tag in the comments below. As always a list of the questions will be in comments.

So now let’s get to the questions!

My Favorite Autumn Lippies & Nail Color

October 24, 2015

I have said quite a few times that autumn is my favorite season. I love all the dark berry colors, and the classic reds that comes with it. I’m all about comfy sweaters, cups of hot tea, beanies, boots, and the dark lips and nails.
I am a huge lippie addict and I am actually a pretty big nail fan too. I almost never leave Ulta without a lippie and/or a new nail polish. I have always loved dark nail and lip colors. Fall is my favorite season for all the nail and makeup trends.
In this post I’m going to be talking about my top 5 fall lippie and nail polish shades. So let’s get started.

Back To The Future Day

October 21, 2015

I am insanely excited for today! I have loved BTTF since I was a kid. I use to watch it every day.  I couldn't pass up doing a post today.

Back to the Future 2 was such a great movie! It was always my favorite of all 3 movies growing up. I was so fascinated with the future parts of it. Always wondering if the world would really be like that when I was older. It seemed so crazy. But now as we live through today it doesn’t see so crazy after all.

Instead of me just going on about how much I love the movie how about we talk about some of their predictions for 2015? They got a lot right, some isn’t far off and some were just too farfetched.

Beauty Basics - Levels of Makeup

I talked about what the terms drugstore and high-end are in my Makeup Lingo post and I made a list of which brands are drugstore and which are high-end in my Well Known Brands Guide. But there are more levels to it than just drugstore and high-end. I thought today we would go into what the more complex levels are.

The “levels” have nothing to do with the quality of products. They are simply referring to the prices of the products. I have found that there are a lot drugstore products that I prefer over high-end products.

My Favorite Products - My Top 10 Lippies

October 18, 2015

It’s time again for another Lippie post! This one is all about my top 10 lippies of all time! I am a true lippie addict. I go crazy for lippies. I’ve done posts about My Top 10 Under $10: Lippies and My Top 5 Luxury Lippies.

I think it’s time to share My Top 10 lippies of all time. I might end up doing update versions of this one every once in awhile. I try so many lippies all the time that this one is bound to need updating sooner or later.

Just like my last Top Lippie posts this will be set up like a countdown. This list is a mix of Drugstore and high-end products. Here are my top 10 lippies of all time!

The Fall Favorites TAG

October 12, 2015

I’m so excited to do this tag! I was tagged by my sister Melanie. You can find my sister's video of this tag here.

I already love this tag! Autumn is my favorite season! I’m all about everything that surrounds fall! The beautiful leaves, the jumpers and scarves and beanies! I love snuggling up with a cup of tea, a throw blanket and a good book. And all of your favorite TV shows are back for a new season. I love Autumn!

Alright enough about how much I love fall. Let’s get to the questions. As always the questions will be in the comments below. As I said I was tagged by my sister and I tag all of you! If you have a blog or YouTube channel leave me a link to your tag in the comments. And if you don't have a blog or channel let me know your answers below!

Monthly Favorites | September 2015

October 06, 2015

Is it really October? This year is going to fast! I seems like I just started writing this blog last week, but it has been 6 months as of last week. That’s so crazy!

But I’m so excited for October! Autumn is my favorite season! The beautiful colors of the changing leaves, the cooler air, the jumpers, the fingerless gloves, boots, the crunching sound under your feet as the leaves begin to fall. Cute pumpkin things. Dark nails and dark lips. 

Autumn is the best. From the sounds of leaves, to the smell of the air, to the look of the sky and colors of the leaves. All of your favorite shows are back for a new season. I just love autumn!

Anyway September was a great month! It started to cool off here and it has started to feel like autumn. I had a lot of faves this month, both beauty and random. So let’s get started.

This or That - Beauty Edition

September 30, 2015

 This tag seems like so much fun! I just had to do it. There are 37 questions in total and they are divided into 6 categories. Makeup, Hair, Nails, Body, Fashion, and Random.

I don’t know who created this tag but the questions are pretty great. As always the questions will be in the comments below. If you do this tag please leave a link in the comments so I can read it!

So let’s get started!

The Makeup Obsession TAG

September 24, 2015

I think it’s safe to say that I am a little obsessed with makeup. I created this tag to show my makeup addict pride! I love makeup and I’m not afraid to show it!

Today I came up with 10 questions for this tag. So let’s talk favorite brands, product obsessions, and more.

As always there will be a copy of the questions in the comments. Feel free to do this tag and share your makeup obsessions!

Let’s get started!

The Doctor Who TAG

September 18, 2015

Whovians Unite! Doctor Who Season 9 starts tomorrow! I can’t believe season 9 is already here! I loved Matt Smith and hated to see him go but I must say I love Peter in his own way. I miss Matty so much but I’m so excited for this new season with Peter.

Since season 9 is less than 24 hours away I thought it would be perfect to do The Doctor Who Tag! There are a lot of different versions of this tag floating around the internet, but I’ve decided to create my own questions. I landed on 12 questions in honor of the 12 regenerations of The Doctor.

As always, a copy of the questions will be in the comments below. Feel free to do this tag and share your love of Doctor Who.

My Top 5 Luxury Lippies!

September 12, 2015

I think it’s been establish that I am a lip product freak. I love them so much! I did The Lip Product Addict Tag not too long ago. I am obsessed with Lippies. I also did Top 10 Under $10:Lips.

I thought it was time to do a Top Luxury Lippies. I decided to do just Top 5 this time. Maybe I can do a part 2 in the future.

I going to this the same way as my Top 10 Under $10 and do it as a countdown. So here are my top 5 Luxury Lippies.
Here are my Top 5 Luxury Lippies!


Monthly Favorites | August 2015

September 06, 2015

It’s so crazy that August is already gone. This year is going by so fast!
A lot of people hate August because it’s the month of back to school. I’ve always loved August. Autumn is almost here, it starts to get cool at night, and it’s chilly enough at in the mornings to have a cup of tea. I love Autumn!

This month’s favorite list is a long one. So let’s get started.

Get To Know Me TAG

August 31, 2015

So this month marks 5 months I’ve been doing this blog and I haven’t done any personal things. You guys don’t know much about me. So I decided to do the Get To Know Me Tag.

There are a few different versions of this floating around the internet along with a few different versions of the About Me Tag but I didn’t particularly like all the questions on any of them so I decided to take some of the questions from the different ones I found and then made up a few of my own.

I ended up with 45 questions… I got a little carried away. I took some of the basic profile info questions, some of the basic favorites, some of the questions from the Get to Know Me, About Me and the TMI tags, and came up with some myself. This that is more like an About Me TMI Tag.

So Let’s get into it.

That Type of Person TAG - Beauty Edition

August 25, 2015

If you are into YouTube you probably know or have heard of Connor Franta. He is an American Vlogger and has 4.8 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel I personally love him and his videos. I think he is hilarious. His channel is just a lot of fun and he is so adorable!
Connor is the creator of the That Type of Person Tag. You can click here to see his original video. Today I have decided to do the tag but I wanted to put a beauty spin on it.

Like the original tag this version has 30 questions. These ones are all about beauty, ranging from makeup to hair to nails. I hope you enjoy this tag and feel free to do this tag yourself. Please just give credit to Connor and myself. (If you are doing the beauty version) I will leave a copy of the beauty questions in the comments.

The Lip Product Addict TAG

August 19, 2015

So from my Top 10 Under $10: Lips, my June favorites, and a few other posts you can probably tell that I’m a lip product addict. I have mentioned quite few times before that I’m in love with lip products. Actually obsessed is a better word. So I thought doing the Lip Product Addict Tag would be perfect.

The Lip Product Addict Tag was created by Amelia Liana & EssieButton on YouTube. I love these girls! Their Lip Product Addict Tag video is amazing! The tag consists of 8 questions all about lip products. I am not always up for trying things from new brand but I will try any lip product. This tag was made for me.

What's in My School Makeup Bag

August 13, 2015

Back to school is upon us again. Most girls want to wear makeup to school but a lot of schools don’t allow a lot of makeup. You can wear makeup but it has to be light. When I was in school I just did BB cream and eyeliner. Today I thought that I would do a school makeup bag.

Always remember with makeup at school to keep it light. With eye shadow you have to keep it nude, matte, and light. Schools tend to flip out with makeup.

So here’s what would be in my makeup bag if I were still in school.

My First Time - Beauty Edition

August 09, 2015

Everyone does the My First Time Tag. I decided I want to do a beauty edition. There are so many firsts in beauty. I’ve come up with a handful of beauty first to make this Beauty Edition of this tag. Please feel free to do this tag yourself. Please just link to this post in yours or in your video description if you do this tag in a YouTube video.

I have come up with 6 beauty firsts for this tag. So here it goes.

Monthly Favorites | July 2015

August 01, 2015

It’s Monthly Favorites time! I can’t believe it’s already August. July just flew by. Doing Monthly Favorites makes the months go by even faster.

I only have a few Beauty Favorites this month as I am still loving previous favorites. But I have a lot of other random favorites I really want to share. So let’s get started.

Beauty Tips & Tricks - Part 2

July 25, 2015

I’m back with more beauty tips & tricks! I did part one to this a few months ago. And now I have a few more tricks for you guys.
There aren’t as many this time around. I just wanted to do this as a quick post. I’m still on vacation and finding time to write is hard.
So let’s get into this.

How I Pack My Beauty for Travel

July 20, 2015

A pretty popular thing with the beauty girls on YouTube is videos on how they pack their beauty products or what products they pack. I am in Myrtle Beach SC right now and just started a new way of packing my beauty products. 

I thought I would share how I’m packing my beauty products because I just love it! It’s so much more organized than my previous way of packing. I am going to do a post on what products I packed on Sunday. Hold onto your seats for that one. It might me a long one.

So back to how I pack. Before, I used to put all my makeup in a shoe box and my full size shampoo & conditioner, my full sized body wash, and my hair and skin care products into an old purse. I’d then put the old purse and shoe box into a book bag with my hairbrush, hair dryer and flat iron. 

It was very unorganized and everything kept falling over. The full side bottles were too big and took up to much room. Everything would fall over and/or end up up-side-down. I was so scared it was all going to spill out. And I didn’t even really have anything to put my nail stuff in. I just threw that stuff in my purse. I finally have bags for makeup, bath & hair stuff, nail stuff and a nicer big bag to put it all in.

So let’s get talk about the bags. I love them so much. I’ll do a quick review of each.

Makeup Dupes!

July 14, 2015

I’m so excited for Makeup Dupes!! If you don’t know what a makeup dupe is dupe is short for duplicate, a makeup dupe is a drugstore makeup product that has the quality, look, feel, or is very similar to a high-end product. Most dupes are just color matches. I love the just color matches to the complete copies.

I have personally tried and tested all of the dupes mentioned in this post. I love all of these products!

Beauty Basics - The Ways of Eyeshadow

July 08, 2015

Eyeshadow is the most complex part of makeup. There are quite a few terms for the parts of the eye. When you’re new to makeup and you watch tutorials or see posts on Pinterest about eyeshadow they talk about tightlining, and the brow bone, and the crease.

Every little part of the eye area has a name. In this post I’m going to go over the different names and where they are referring to.

Eyeshadow is one of my favorite things about makeup because you can do anything with it. You can wear one color or a bunch of colors. I personally stick to a minimum of 4 or 5 colors depending on how much I blend and whether they are bright or nude shades. I love how expressive you can be with eyeshadow!

Monthly Favorites | June 2015

July 02, 2015

It’s that time again. Monthly Favorites! I can’t believe how fast June went! It seems like I was just uploading my May favorites last week.

Happy July everyone. And if you live in the US Happy 4th of July. I can’t believe the year is already half over!

Let’s get to the favorites. There are the things I’ve been love in the month of June.

Beauty Basics - What are these brushes for? - Part 3: Eye & Lip Brushes

June 26, 2015

When you are new to makeup all the different brushes can be confusing. There are just so many. When my cousin started getting for into makeup she bought a brush set and text me a video of them asking what they were all for. 

There are so many different brushes intended for different things. Of course you don’t have to use the brushes for what they are intended. I don’t always use them for the intended purpose. I use them for what I think is best for me, and what brush applies the products they way I want.

There are so many different brushes. Some brushes have the same name but are different sizes and slightly different shapes. It can all get a bit confusing.

There are so many different makeup brushes, I will most likely miss a few, but I think I’ll get the majority.

I will be doing this in three parts, Face Base, Cheeks and Eyes & Lips. This is the Eyes & Lips post. I decided to throw eyes & lips together because there aren’t enough lip brushes for their own post. This post is going to cover the brushes that are typically used for applying eye shadow, and other eye products, and brushes typically used for applying lip products.

All of these brushes can be used wet or dry, with liquids and powders. All of these brushes are used with eye products to create awesome eyeshadow looks. They are intended for the same use so what I’m going to do in this post is describe what these brushes look like and list the main thing they are intended for.