The Halloween TAG

October 28, 2015

I love Halloween! It’s been tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday since I was a kid. I just love all the dark and creepy things. I love looking at all the Halloween decorations people put in their yard. I really love when people go all out.

I’m so excited for Halloween this year! I just had to do this tag! Since my sister is the one who introduced me to my love of Halloween I have to tag her. She will be doing this tag on her YouTubeChannel.

I also tag all of you! Let me know your answers in the comments! Or if you have a YouTube Channel or blog leave a link to your tag in the comments below. As always a list of the questions will be in comments.

So now let’s get to the questions!

My Favorite Autumn Lippies & Nail Color

October 24, 2015

I have said quite a few times that autumn is my favorite season. I love all the dark berry colors, and the classic reds that comes with it. I’m all about comfy sweaters, cups of hot tea, beanies, boots, and the dark lips and nails.
I am a huge lippie addict and I am actually a pretty big nail fan too. I almost never leave Ulta without a lippie and/or a new nail polish. I have always loved dark nail and lip colors. Fall is my favorite season for all the nail and makeup trends.
In this post I’m going to be talking about my top 5 fall lippie and nail polish shades. So let’s get started.

Back To The Future Day

October 21, 2015

I am insanely excited for today! I have loved BTTF since I was a kid. I use to watch it every day.  I couldn't pass up doing a post today.

Back to the Future 2 was such a great movie! It was always my favorite of all 3 movies growing up. I was so fascinated with the future parts of it. Always wondering if the world would really be like that when I was older. It seemed so crazy. But now as we live through today it doesn’t see so crazy after all.

Instead of me just going on about how much I love the movie how about we talk about some of their predictions for 2015? They got a lot right, some isn’t far off and some were just too farfetched.

Beauty Basics - Levels of Makeup

I talked about what the terms drugstore and high-end are in my Makeup Lingo post and I made a list of which brands are drugstore and which are high-end in my Well Known Brands Guide. But there are more levels to it than just drugstore and high-end. I thought today we would go into what the more complex levels are.

The “levels” have nothing to do with the quality of products. They are simply referring to the prices of the products. I have found that there are a lot drugstore products that I prefer over high-end products.

My Favorite Products - My Top 10 Lippies

October 18, 2015

It’s time again for another Lippie post! This one is all about my top 10 lippies of all time! I am a true lippie addict. I go crazy for lippies. I’ve done posts about My Top 10 Under $10: Lippies and My Top 5 Luxury Lippies.

I think it’s time to share My Top 10 lippies of all time. I might end up doing update versions of this one every once in awhile. I try so many lippies all the time that this one is bound to need updating sooner or later.

Just like my last Top Lippie posts this will be set up like a countdown. This list is a mix of Drugstore and high-end products. Here are my top 10 lippies of all time!

The Fall Favorites TAG

October 12, 2015

I’m so excited to do this tag! I was tagged by my sister Melanie. You can find my sister's video of this tag here.

I already love this tag! Autumn is my favorite season! I’m all about everything that surrounds fall! The beautiful leaves, the jumpers and scarves and beanies! I love snuggling up with a cup of tea, a throw blanket and a good book. And all of your favorite TV shows are back for a new season. I love Autumn!

Alright enough about how much I love fall. Let’s get to the questions. As always the questions will be in the comments below. As I said I was tagged by my sister and I tag all of you! If you have a blog or YouTube channel leave me a link to your tag in the comments. And if you don't have a blog or channel let me know your answers below!

Monthly Favorites | September 2015

October 06, 2015

Is it really October? This year is going to fast! I seems like I just started writing this blog last week, but it has been 6 months as of last week. That’s so crazy!

But I’m so excited for October! Autumn is my favorite season! The beautiful colors of the changing leaves, the cooler air, the jumpers, the fingerless gloves, boots, the crunching sound under your feet as the leaves begin to fall. Cute pumpkin things. Dark nails and dark lips. 

Autumn is the best. From the sounds of leaves, to the smell of the air, to the look of the sky and colors of the leaves. All of your favorite shows are back for a new season. I just love autumn!

Anyway September was a great month! It started to cool off here and it has started to feel like autumn. I had a lot of faves this month, both beauty and random. So let’s get started.