Monthly Favorites | September 2015

October 06, 2015

Is it really October? This year is going to fast! I seems like I just started writing this blog last week, but it has been 6 months as of last week. That’s so crazy!

But I’m so excited for October! Autumn is my favorite season! The beautiful colors of the changing leaves, the cooler air, the jumpers, the fingerless gloves, boots, the crunching sound under your feet as the leaves begin to fall. Cute pumpkin things. Dark nails and dark lips. 

Autumn is the best. From the sounds of leaves, to the smell of the air, to the look of the sky and colors of the leaves. All of your favorite shows are back for a new season. I just love autumn!

Anyway September was a great month! It started to cool off here and it has started to feel like autumn. I had a lot of faves this month, both beauty and random. So let’s get started.


 Real Techniques Powder Brush
I can’t believe I’ve lived without this brush. It is the best powder brush I’ve ever used! It applies the powder so evenly and so beautifully! My smaller power brushes would sometimes make the powder darker in some places but this brush blends everything out evenly. I’m one for those girls who loves to wear all over powder. I hate it when my face is shiny. This brush lays the powder on without making it look caked on. I love it!


Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick (Now Called Vice)
I’m so excited that Urban has a Matte Lipstick! I love their original formula! If you’ve been reading my posts for awhile you know I’m all about matte. The matte ones feel like the original formula, creamy and smooth. They are beautifully pigmented and there are some get shades! My favorite is Bad Blood. It’s a blog red with berry undertones. I love it! I also really love the shade Tilt. I also really love the new black tube. I love this lippie!


 Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreame Wear in 370 Black Out
This particular formula from SH is a little iffy. Sometimes it doesn’t fully dry and gets gummy or the pigmentation is almost transparent. It varies from shade to shade. I’ve found the lighter shades are best. However this month when I ran out of my favorite black nail polish, Sally Hansen Hard AS Nails original formula in 880 Black Heart, I decided to get this one a try. I’d tried it about 2 years ago and it wasn’t get. It chipped like crazy and was streaky with its color. SH must have changed the formula because it was great!

I used with the SH Double Duty Base & Top Coat, and 2 coats of color, it last for 10 days with no noticeable chips. For some reason with the SH B&T coat the rim of the nail sort of rubs off. It’s a small little wear line. Hardly noticeable. I love SH and this is my new favorite black nail color!


MAC Matte Lipstick
I’m still loving this from last month! It so soft and creamy, and it’s such a strong matte finish! And the pigmentation is beautiful! MAC is such great company! I can’t wait to try some more of their products!

Lorac Matte Bronzer (Lorac Pro ToGo Palette)
I have loved this bronzer since I got the Pro ToGo palette over a year and half ago. It’s been pushed to the back a little since I try and started using the NYX matte bronzer. I decided to switch one day and fell back in love.

It’s the only bronzer I used all month. I love it because it is matte but I also love the fact that it isn’t orangey toned. I hate orange bronzers! This bronzer is great! It goes on really well and it looks so natural! I love it to contour my nose and my cheeks. I just love it!  

P.S. the NYX one is a great dupe. However the NYX one applies a little heavier so apply lightly, you can always build it!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen

This lip color and I have a complicated relationship. When I first got it I was disappointed. The NYX promo made it look so pigmented. They forgot to tell us you need 2 or more coat for that look. The pigmentation isn’t as strong as they seem. But after a few months of playing with them and learning what each color needs I’ve come to love them.

I’ve found that the lighter shades are more pigmented than the darker ones. However all the shades I’ve tried look better with 2 coats. When you apply it you have to apply it let it set for about 3-5 minutes then apply another coat. You can do that until you get a pigmentation you are happy with.

Anyway I love that said Copenhagen! It’s a beautiful berry plum color! I apply 2 coats for my lip skin tone, you may need more. But from the way I’ve see the product act you need at least 2 it’s too patchy for 1 coat.


HarryPotter and the Half Blood Prince

Ok I know I’m literally 10 years late. I didn’t start ready them until 2009. And every time I started the next book other books would pop up and demand to be read. Since I’d seen all the films up to that point I would push HP back.

That being said that didn’t start until I got to the 4th book. I know that it’s a lot of peoples favorite but I think it was my least favorite. I didn’t like that movie that much either, but I like the book better.

Anyway Half Blood prince is amazing! It’s so much better than the movie! All the books have been better than the movie. I can’t wait to finish this one so I can read 7. I can’t imagine how much the movies skipped. I am really loving this book!


 Song Biscuits by Rhett & Link (And Podcast guests)
Song Biscuits is a collection of songs that YouTubers Rhett and Link have made with guest from their podcast Ear Biscuits. I freaking love these songs! Rhett and Link have such beautiful voices and they both have a gift for writing comedy songs. I love it!

My favorite songs are First Comment Song that is a Rhett and Link only song,The Cat’s 9 Lives Song with Hannah Hart, Five Night's at Freddy's Song with Markiplier, and The Secret Life of a Hamster Song with Anna Akana.

Here's the amazon link too. All of these songs can also be found on Rhett and Link's YouTube channel linked above.

Psychobabble came back from its hiatus this month. I freaking love this podcast! Tyler and Korey are hilarious. I listen to all the new episodes every Tuesday when they come out and I am always going back and listen to old episodes. I love the episode all about Turtles. It was 30 minutes of rambling about turtles and it was hilarious! It was so pointless and that just made it funnier. I loved it!


The Skeleton Twins

This movie is so good! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Kirsten Wigg and Bill Hader are two of my favorite actors. I grew up watching them on SNL, you know back when SNL was good. Hahaha. But seriously.

Anyway this movie is amazing! I’ll do my best to explain it without giving anything away. It’s about twins Maggie and Milo who haven’t talked for 10 years. They are both very unhappy with their lives and are on the edge of giving up. They have an unexpected reunion which leads them to realized how much they need each other.

This is an epic movie that makes you laugh until you cry, and it makes you cry from all the feelings. With Bill and Kristen there are going to be a lot of laughs but this movie has some darker moments too and that is what makes it so great. It just feels so real. I really really love it!

Here’s a link to the trailer. Sadly it was just taken on Netflix this week. It is absolutely amazing and I totally recommend it! I’m about to over the Blu-ray.


Internet Things

My Blog’s Makeover!
I freaking love the new look. If you’re new here, it used to be mint green with a pink polka dot background. I really loved the old look but I’d had it since April. I need to change the look. I love the blue! I also switch themes and then mostly rewrote it. I add a few of the guys on the sidebars that you see now. I just really love the fresh look!

I love this site! It has so many product reviews! There are so many products on there too. I love it! I’ve all ready got the app and it’s my new go to when shopping! I just love it!

Another favorites done. September is gone. I’m so excited for October. I can’t believe that it’s already autumn! But I’m so excited for it! It’s my favorite season!

I can’t wait for all the jumpers and onesies! The new episodes of my favorite TV shows and cuddling up with a cup of tea and a good book and all the spookiness of Halloween! Happy October Everyone!

In the comments below tell me for favorite things of the month! I love hearing about and trying new products! Also let me know what your favorite things about autumn are. Do you like autumn? Hate it? Let me know!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me. Much Love!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. Everything in this post was purchased by myself or I received it as a gift. I was not paid to talk about any brands mentioned in this post. Anything mentioned in this post were things I genuinely loved this month and wanted to share with you all.

Disclaimer: Some links in this post are Affiliate Links.

Photo: Background from Edited in Photoshop by me.

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