Monthly Favorites | November 2015

November 30, 2015

I can’t believe that November is over! I been feeling festive since the last week of August but I’ve gotten even more excited this month as everyone else is now in the spirit. I decorated my mantle on the first and I would have already had my tree up but I’m still on the search for a small more realistic fake one. Most of the small ones look so fake. Finding a 4-5 foot fake tree that looks more on the real side is actually pretty hard.

Anyway back to my favorite things this month. I didn’t have many beauty faves this month. I’ve been using my usual products that I know well and really love. But I have been loving a ton of random stuff this month. So let’s get started.


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner
I loved this liner from the moment I got it. I’ve had it for awhile and use it off and on but I’ve been using it a lot this month. I love how smooth and creamy it is and it stays forever!

 Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color Crayons
I love these crayons! I got them in the Love, Lust and Lace Christmas set. They have a Lip set and few other sets with this lace design. This set came with 2 Limited Edition colors. All of the shades are beautiful.  I love them! They are smooth and creamy. They tend to settle in the lines of my lips so 2 coats and a primer might be needed.



Charlie is my new mouse. He’s so cute and soft! I got him on Halloween and I love him so much! He is white with a few gray spots and his is absolutely adorable! He is such a sweetheart! He knows my scents and won’t go to anyone else. I was at my sisters last week and he would not go to her. It was so cute!


TV Shows

South Park
I don’t know how I only just started watching this show but I love it. I mean some of the jokes are really dark and/or mess up but it is so funny!

Apple TV

I just got it but I already love it! The set up for Netflix is a little weird but I love the Hulu app! And I love that I can play anything from my iTunes on it. Music, movies, and even podcasts.

Food & Drinks

Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes
The gingerbread is my favorite Christmas flavor from Starbucks and I’m so happy they are finally out! I love them! I just wish they weren’t $5 this year.

 Gingerbread Cookies

Specifically Little Debbie Soft Gingerbread Cookies and the Pillsbury Dough Tube Cookies. My sister and I made a batch of the Pillsbury ones and they were so good! I had to add a lot of flour though. It was like wet sticky sand out of the tube. No way it was going to roll out or cut. But after I added the flour they were perfect. I didn’t even frost my half. And the Little Debbie ones are really good too.



Farmsland Gingersnaps Candle

I found this candle at Dollar General and it is amazing! It smells like cooking gingerbread cookies. I think I’ll be burning this one even after Christmas is over.

Yankee Candle Gingerbread Maple Candle
I got a small one of these for free when I bought my YC Advent Calendar. It smells so good! It smells just like it sounds gingerbread and maple. I love it!

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

I haven’t opened any of it yet but I’m so excited to start tomorrow! 12 different Christmas scents! I can’t wait to start opening it! I will be posting the candle for each day on My Instagram if you want to check that out.

I just can’t believe that November is gone! But I’m so excited for December! I love Christmas so much! I’m going to go get a tree next week! I can’t wait! In my mean time I’m going to be making decorations and ornaments and other Christmassy things.

I’m also doing Blogmas. I’m uploading every 3 days instead of blogmas’ usual everyday uploads because this is my first year. It all starts tomorrow!

In the comments below tell me what you loved this month. I love hearing about new products, shows and just what you guys have found and fell in love with this month. I’d also love to know, how excited are you for Christmas? Are you a Buddy from elf or a Grinch or somewhere in between?

Please leave a like if you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or concerns fell free to message me. Much Love!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. Everything in this post was purchased by myself or I received it as a gift. I was not paid to talk about any brands mentioned in this post. Anything mentioned in this post were things I genuinely loved this month and wanted to share with you all.
Photo: Background from Edited in Photoshop by me.

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