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July 28, 2016

I found this tag when searching Twitter for new beauty tags. This tag was written by Holly of Bloomin' Rouge. She wrote it at the beginning of this year so it's not exactly new but I really liked the questions so I thought I'd give it a try.

It's a little different that beauty tags I've done in the past. So it should be really fun! Let's get this tag started.

1.) If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be?

I've never had anyone else do my makeup. If I was in the situation where someone was to do my makeup I'd probably ask to do my own just because I know how I like it. I don't do very heavy makeup and for some reason a lot of Makeup artist do heavy makeup. I'm not saying I can do makeup better than artist, they can absolutely do it better than me I just know how I like my makeup. 
That being said, I'd love to meet Charlotte Tilbury and pick her brain for makeup tips and see how she would do my makeup.

2.) What is your top beauty tip?

Speaking of beauty tips. I actually have a series where I list out some of favorite beauty tips and tricks. I think my favorite tip is probably to run a clean spoolie through your lashes before and after applying mascara. Before to clean the lashes of shadow, and after to get out any clumps and spread the lashes. It's also great to curl your lashes after mascara has dried, it helps keep the curl.

3.) What is one makeup product you can not live without?

My lippies! I'm a sucker for lippies. I have a huge collection. Like an embarrassing about of lipsticks and other lip products. But not one lip gloss though. I'm not a lip gloss gal.

4.) What is one skin care product you can not live without?

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. It is the best hydrator I've ever used! It is so good! It makes my skin feel so much better. It has really helped the dry skin on my forehead and it just two used my skin felt softer. It has really helped my skin and it feels so much healthier.

5.)What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?

Mascara. I'm have never really been into mascara until this year so I never really wore it. I know it's terrible. I started really getting into mascara earlier this year so I still really suck at applying it. 

6.) What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to beauty?

When people pump mascara or any other tube product. You are killing your products! They dry out so fast when you do that!

7.) What is your favorite makeup era?

This is such an interesting question! I think I'm going to have to go with the 20s. I love flapper makeup. The bold lips and bold eyes. I love it! I also love the the bold lip with just liner and mascara. 

8.) What's your guilty pleasure product?

Mascara. As I've said I was never really into mascara before this year. I only had 2 drugstore makeup mascaras at the beginning of this year. Now I can't stop buying mascara and I always feel so bad about it. 

9.) What's your underdog product?

Can I just say the whole brand of NYX Cosmetics? I feel like the only person who talks about them is Lex from MadeYewLook. NYX products are great and a lot of the products make great dupes! NYX is one of the best brands in the drugstore and one of the lowest priced. I have yet to buy a NYX product and be disappointed.

10.) What is your favorite product this year?

The original question was "What was your favorite product of 2015?" since Holly wrote this in January. I thought since 2016 is more than half over I'd changed it to favorite product this year. My favorite product so far this year is the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks. Urban re-did there whole line of lipsticks. Still the same colors and their formulas but they also added a ton of new colors and few new finishes. There are now 101 shades and they came with a new look, and along with this new look came a price drop. UD's lipsticks were $22 now they are $17. They are a little smaller but there is still a lot of product for your buck. They are about the same size as MAC lipsticks now. I have really been loving the shades 714 and Bad Blood. Both Matte of course.

That does it for this tag. I really liked these questions. I'd love to hear your answers in the comments down below!

I'm tagging my sister Melanie and anyone who wants to do this tag.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me.


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