A Few Little Rants | I'm NOT a Mom Blogger | Also ft rants about Improper Grammar & Bought Followers

February 05, 2017

Ok so the title of this post may seem a bit strange. It's pretty obvious I'm not a mom blogger. I post beauty & lifestyle content. I'm 19 and have no kids. But for some reason BlogLovin' Activate thinks I'm a mom blogger. (I'm not saying that you can't have kids at 19 it's just that most 19 year old bloggers aren't mom bloggers.)

Recently I've also had some issues with how people use social media and I'm a huge grammar cop. I need to vent. So if you don't like rants that's ok. I'll see you next time. Come back on Tuesday. I'll be posting a new beauty review.


Ok so BlogLovin' Activate why do you think I'm a mom blogger? I post nothing on any of my social media accounts that would suggest I'm a mom blogger. I have my blog on BlogLovin' set under beauty. And I have my personal info set to single, and not a parent and yet every campaign you send me is mom blogger based. 

It's not just BlogLovin' Activate either. I got an email from an Amazon seller about a coupon for reviewing a kids play tent. I've gotten a few others like that to but I don't remember what the exact product was but it they were kids products. I even got a Amazon Seller email about baby bottles.

I've never reviewed any thing on my Amazon account for kids. It's all stuff for office organization, a curling iron, YA books, and tech stuff like SD cards and flash drives. Like WTF about that collection says "I'm a mom send me coupons for mom stuff!"

What on my social media makes all these people think I'm a mom blogger? Like WTF am I doing that suggests I'm a mom? I post about makeup, other beauty things, tech, geeky things, and YouTubers.

Number 2: The Follow then Unfollow

STOP following and unfollowing 24 hours later! That is not going to make me follow you! It's going to make me block you! 

What is even worst is if I forget to block an account and they follow unfollow again like 2 months later. Just f**k off! It didn't work the first time it's not working now.

Number 3: Spam Liking

STOP spam liking! Stop liking 10 photos or 10 tweets in 2 minutes! It's not going to make me check out your page it's going to get you blocked. I'm talking about the people who don't follow you already or don't follow you after spam liking.

Like WTF are ya doing mate? You aren't a follower catching up on missed content and you aren't a new follower linking old content. Spam liking isn't going to get you a follow buddy.

Number 4: Blue Check Spam

Blue Checks/Brands STOP following just to get me to follow back! It's not going to happen mate!

Number 5: Spamming Comments on Posts

Stop commenting on my Instagram photos just so I'll check out your page! Even if the comment is nice it's still spam!

Number 6: Free Followers Tags

Stop tagging me in the free followers bull shit posts! Instant blocked!

Number 7: Paid for Followers

Do I need to say more? Your audience is fake and bought and yet you keep getting sponsored posts because companies only look at the numbers and not if there are any real people behind them.

You are terrible and a disgrace to the blogging community. You aren't an influencer you're an imposter!

Number 8: Automated DM's

Just f**king don't ok. These are so so bloody annoying! And isn't personal at all. Especially if your automated DM is a link to sell something. That's so damn low. Just GTF off the internet.


First if you are going to run a business and send emails to English speakers in English learn proper grammar! 

I can't tell you how many chopped emails I get about products from Amazon. Straight into the bin.

And second learn the structure of a business email before you send one! I get emails that are written like texts, in text talk, or has keyboard emojis, the list goes on and on. It's a business email be a god damn professional!

If your email is illegible or starts with an emoji I'm tossing it out. Sorry not sorry.

Number 10: Proper Grammar

If you're going to write learn proper grammar and learn punctuation! Learn the difference between there/their/they're & your/you're & it's/its & where/wear the list goes on and on. If you are going to write and put it out there for people to read use proper grammar and punctuation! And learn to proofread!

And yes if you follow me on twitter you'll notice that I break the proof read rule. But that's on twitter. I'm talking about on your blog. Improper grammar and bad punctuation can cost you readers!

Number 11: Ads on Blogs | When There Are Too Many Ads

I'm not saying down with all ads but come on some people go overboard. Of course a ton of blogs have ads. It's how a lot of bloggers pay for their blog. 

What I'm says is stop with the effing pop-up bull shit! Ads on the side are fine even if some get a bit excessive but the pop-ups are a pain in the ass and sometimes don't even popup for like 40 seconds and I'm mid-sentence and then there is a pop-up taking up the whole screen.

And some sidebar ads can be a bit to much. When there is an ad between every gadget or there are like 3 in a row in between sidebar content that's too much. And the ads in between posts is just way to much. That many ads isn't going to guarantee a click, it's going to drive the readers away.

Wow. Okay. So some of those got more heating than expected. I don't swear on this blog but I felt I needed to vent it out naturally. The more I wrote this post the more heated it got. But what else do you expect from a rant.

Today you guys got to see how I talk not how I write. I swear like a sailor usually but I try to keep it clean on this blog. If you follow me on twitter than you know how easily I swear.

My usual outro doesn't seem fitting for this post so I guess I'll just say have a nice day!

Photo Credit: Cover Photo unsplash.com and edited by me in Photoshop

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