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March 25, 2017

Everyone has been talking about dupes lately. I really love reading people's sides on this debate and I wanted to share my thoughts.

A lot of you are probably tired of hearing about this and you are probably ready for this topic to die. But for those of you that are still interested or are new to the debate let's talk about the future of dupes and if companies are taking it too far.

So the posts that sparked my interest in this debate are "Is the Dupe & Copycat Beauty Market Waning? Are We Over Cheap Copies of Firm Favorites?" by Hayley of London Beauty Queen and "Why I Won't Be Duped - Have Makeup Revolution Gone Too Far?" by Angela of Beauty By The Bunny.

They both have really good points. And talk about why dupes are becoming too much and how some brands only make dupes.

Then I found a post from the other side, "To Dupe or Not To Dupe" by Jasmine Talks Beauty. She talks about the good side of dupes and why brands like Makeup Revolution are a good thing.

You should check out the posts linked above, there are great reads. It's nice to read thoughts from both sides. Now I want to share my thoughts on this debate.

I have to admit I'm on both sides. Hayley makes the point that dupes are causing brands to lose originality which I 100% agree with. Some brands have built themselves on the idea of dupes and are nothing more than copycat companies.

There are brand that just pump out dupe after dupe and they are becoming more like cheap knock offs than dupes. By all means make some similar products that are more affordable but don't copy everything and never make your own products.

Angela talks about one brand in particular that does nothing but dupes, Makeup Revolution. Which I get into in a bit. But I think I agree with her that they are the worst culprit and I'll get into that.

First I want to talk about dupes themselves. They are a great part of the beauty community. I do agree with Jasmine on this. Something more affordable that looks the same is great, but dupes have started to take over. Most companies make the same palettes and never do anything original anymore. 

I mean how many high-end and drugstore brands have made a matte nude palette? How many brands have made contour palettes? If it's hot every company makes it. 

I love that Hayley points this out in her post. Brands have really started to lose originality and just pump out the same things. As Hayley said we are all asking for something new but the brands don't seem to be listening.

Now let's talk a little more about Makeup Revolution. Now you really need to check out Angela's post because she has tons of tweets she found and photos of MR products compared to the brands they are duping.

The thing that caused Angela to write her post is the same reason I 100% agree MR has gone too far. They don't just make cheap copies of the products. They copy packaging too. She has a lot of comparison photos in her post. 

Hayley points out in her post that other brands such as Sleek and Barry M but I think Makeup Revolution is the worst. Copying packing and naming the products as close to the OG product as possible is too far. 

I am truly surprised that Makeup Revolution has not been sued for some of their products that are downright cheap copies made too look like the real thing. There is a difference between making a similar product that gives the same look and just copying a product. 

So what do you think about this dupe debate? What are your thoughts on Makeup Revolution? Have you tried them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Loved this post, and I'm intrigued by this debate. I completely understand that Makeup Revolution want to make makeup accessible to everyone in terms of price, but I too think they are going too far with the 'dupe' idea- I mean... they duped Kat Von D's palette and called it 'Light and Shade'! There's only a certain amount of nude shadows companies can make, but packaging tends to be more personal to the brand!

    Gabija | EveryLittleThing Blog

  2. I haven't tried Makeup Revolution since I already have similar products from what they have dupe before. I personally hate when it comes "copying" like you mention before Makeup Revolution have lot of similar products from Too Faced (that what I have noticed from them) also I think Kat sued them or called them out. I don't mind dupe when it comes to color but if they're copying the same packaging and the name of the products from the high end brands then I won't give my money them I rather invest my money on to the high end product.



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