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March 09, 2017

I have been discovering so many new blogs recently. I've also been enjoying some old favorites. Today I wanted to share with you all some of the blogs that I can't get enough of recently!

First let's talk about a blog I discovered recently. A few weeks ago a love lady named Tania Michele commented on my blog and after going over to her blog and reading a few posts I was in love with it

She writes a mix of geeky beauty and lifestyle content. She has a bunch of comic-con/geek convention posts and they are really great reads! She also has some Harry Potter content which I really enjoyed. I really love her blog and can't wait to see what she posts in the future!

Next let's talk about a blog I've been following for awhile. I can't remember if I found Beth's blog on twitter or BlogLovin' but I do remember falling in love with it right way. I fell in love with MissCosmeticBlogger so quickly.

I really love her content but I loved her blog from the moment I saw it. Before I read anything I already loved it. She has a really pretty layout so I think that may have been part of it. Anyway I love Beth's posts! She writes really great beauty content!

Let's talk about another blog I discovered recently, MariaJ. I found Maria on twitter and found her blogging content very helpful. She wrote a post about follow/no follow links and one about SEO Terms recently and they helped me so much!

Another blog I've been loving recently is a blog I've been following for a little while now, EmmysBeautyCave. Emmy writes a mix of beauty and lifestyle. I have really been loving her product posts recently. She just did a if I could only have 10 products post and a concealer comparison post

Another blog I've been following for away is Robowecop. I love her content! She posts all sorts of lifestyle posts and I have been loving it! She posts recipes and tips and some really great stuff. P.S. her Instagram content is amazing!

About 4 months about I discovered Dorkface and The Girl Gang. Jemma's blog Dorkface is awesome! She posts some really cool beauty and lifestyle posts. I have been adoring what she has been posting! And her art she has been posting on her twitter looks amazing!

The Girl Gang is a retweet & chat twitter that Jemma founded. The Girl Gang has week chats about anything and everything Mondays at 6pm GMT. It is really fun to join in the chats.

Lastly I want to mention an blog I found recently that I'm really excited to have found. Elle May is a geek, gaming, lifestyle blog. I love that I finally have a geeky gamer blog to follow! I've been looking for ages! And I really love Elle's content

Blogs Mentioned:

Tania Michele - Beauty, Geeky & Lifestyle Blog

MissCostmeticBlogger - Beauty Blog

MariaJ - Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

EmmysBeautyCave - Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Robowecop - Lifestyle Blog

Dorkface - Lifestyle Blog

Elle May - Geeky & Lifestyle Blog

Make sure you guys check out these amazing bloggers! I have really been enjoying their content lately! I hope you will too!

Have you read this blogs before? Do you follow them? What are some blogs I should check out? Let me know in the comments!
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**This post is not sponsored. I just really love these blogs.**


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me in this post, it's so lovely to be included!! - Maria |

  2. >Maria

    Of course love! I adore your blog and it has helped me so much!

    Much Love,

  3. Thank you SOOOO much for mentioning me!! I'm so glad you're enjoying my posts and that I've now found a new geeky blogger buddy!! I'm enjoying your blog so much right now (plus envying your lipstick skills!) :) Tania Michele xx

  4. >Tania

    I am loving your blog! It's so sweet of you to say that we are blogging buddies! I'm so happy we found each other's blogs!

    Thanks so much for saying I've got lipstick skills! I love lipstick so much I think I'm gotten alright at it from years of trying.

    Much Love,


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