Real Techniques | Brand Spotlight

April 30, 2017

Let me start by saying I adore Real Techniques! So spoiler alert I 100% recommend the brand. Today I want to tell you guys about the products and the brand itself. All the brand spotlights I've seen talk about some of the products but they don't talk much about the brand.

Monthly Favorites | April 2017

April 28, 2017

April was such a great month! My blog turned 2! I uploaded everyday for 18 days. It almost drove me to insanity but I did it! 

I have a nice short list of favorites this month. So let's get started!

The Lipstick TAG

April 26, 2017

This tag was made for me! If you are new to my blog you may not know how much of a lip product addict I am. I love lipstick. I wear the rest of my makeup just so I can wear lipstick. Lipstick alone would look weird wouldn't it?

So this tag is all about lipsticks. It has 10 questions. So please enjoy.

I tag Katie, Nikki, Lyd, Hannah, & Kimberly.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Pencil in Blacquer | Review + Swatch

April 24, 2017

"Make a bold statement with this extreme-wear, waterproof eyeliner. Like a gel pot eyeliner encased within a crayon, this breakthrough formula is exclusive to Marc Jacobs beauty: a super-malleable gel eyeliner glides on smoothly for a flawless, precise application, then sets in place for all-day wear. A built-in sharpener helps mold product into a perfect point for an instantly sharp look."

- Marc Jacobs product description

The Beauty Blogger TAG

April 22, 2017

I've seen a couple different versions of the Beauty Blogger tag floating around and as usual I couldn't find one I liked all of the questions from so I mixed a bunch together.

I really love the questions I've ended up with. They are mostly have beauty but I tacked on a couple blog questions at the end.

I tag Tania, Emmy, Holly, Katie of Katies World of Beauty, and Katie Middleton.

Knowing Your Limits

April 20, 2017

I have a really hard time knowing when to stop something. Whether that be a very long binging session on Netflix or playing a game for too long.

I realized yesterday that I wasn't ready to upload everyday. I did about 13 days and started to go crazy. I kind of lost the will to write. I overloaded myself and started waiting until the last minute to write and upload a post.

Real Techniques Powder Brush | Review

April 18, 2017

 Real Techniques Powder Brush

On the Real Techniques website they promise that this brush is ultra soft, easy to clean and are long lasting. They also say that there will be no product build up in the brush and that it will apply makeup with no streaks and leave a flawless finish.

This brush has 100% synthetic bristles so this brush is 100% cruelty free. Real Techniques brush handles are made of aluminum and are color coded, gold for face, pink for cheeks, and purple for eyes. The Handles also have the brush names on the back.

This brush is available for $9.99 at Ulta and $7.99 at Target and for $10 on the Real Techniques website. It is also available for £12.99 at Boots.

Here is my experience with the Real Techniques Powder Brush.

5 Books/Book Series I Really Loved Reading

April 17, 2017

Today I thought I would talk to you guys about some of the books I have really loved reading. The books I couldn't put down.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush vs Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | Product VS

April 16, 2017

It's no secret on this blog that I love Real Techniques. Today I wanted to talk about two of their products that get compared a lot. The RT Buffing Brush and the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Since there are both for foundation and from the same company they get compared a lot. So I thought it was fitting that they would be the first in my new companion series, Product VS.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks | Review + Swatches

April 15, 2017

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

"The pigment load in Vice Lipstick is insane! Just one swipe provides an unbelievable laydown of color. And every shade applies smoothly (without dragging or skipping), hugs lips, and feels amazing! Our proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ gives the formula its super-creamy texture, rich payout and superior color dispersion."
-Snippet from Urban Decay's Product Description

So Urban promised that these lipsticks will have great pigment, a super-creamy smooth texture. 

The creamy formula is also "loaded with nourishing ingredients. A yummy butter blend comforts, hydrates and enhances, leaving lips soft and conditioned, never dry. Aloe Vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils nourish and soften lips. illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture. And Vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants."

There are 101 shades and 6 finishes. The shades range from pinks to nudes to reds to dark berries and everything in between.

The 6 finishes are Mega Matte: super-intense matte, Comfort Matte: our creamiest matte, Cream: the original, creamy, badass luxury, Metallized: cream with a high level of pearl, Sheer: a punch of color with a sheer, shiny finish, and Sheer Shimmer: slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and a smooth texture. 

Today I will only be reviewing the Mega Matte, Comfort Matte and Cream. I prefer Matte so I doubt I'll ever get the Metallized, Sheer or Sheer Shimmer.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are available for $17 each in the US at Ulta, and Sephora. If you are in the UK they are available for £15.50 at Debenhams. You can also find them for $17 on or find a store near you on UD's Store Locator.

Here is my experience with the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks.

I Started Double Shampooing My Hair

April 14, 2017

I saw a post on MariaJ's blog called "Are you washing your hair properly?" She talked about how she has oily hair and how 24 hours after it was greasy like she never washed it. I've had the same problem for the longest time!

Products I Will Aways Re-Purchase

April 13, 2017

I've seen this floating around recently and really love the idea! There are quite a few products I adore and will always keep in my collection so I thought I'd tell you about some of them.

My Blog is 2! | My Blog Goals for Year 3

April 12, 2017

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY ZombieGoddess Beauty!! I can't believe I've been writing this blog for 2 years! It doesn't seem like that long ago. I can't believe what a different person I am now. It is so surprising at how much someone can change in just two years.

I am so happy that I am still blogging! I hit a bit of a slump last year and didn't feel like writing at all. Whereas this year I'm writing more than ever and I've been uploading every other day and everyday this month!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | Review

April 11, 2017

"This versatile beauty tool was designed with a revolutionary foam technology to evenly blend makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish. Use damp for a dewy glow or dry for a full coverage."

- Snippet from Real Techniques Product Description

Real Techniques says that the "rounded sides blend large areas of the face with a dabbing motion" and the "precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections" and the "flat edge is for contouring around the eyes and nose."

Real Techniques says this sponge is "ideal for liquid foundation' and is latex-free and that for best results, replace your makeup sponge every 1-3 months.

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is available for $4.88 at Walmart, $5.99 at Target, $6.99 at Ulta and $6 on It is also available for £7.99 at Boots.

Here is my experience with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

A Few of My Favorite Things

April 10, 2017

I love the song 'A few of my favorite things' and I wanted to share some of the simple things in life that I love.

I've seen some other bloggers do these and most of them are more like current favorites but I want to talk about the simple little things in life that I really love. Like the song.

Are you using Twitter correctly as a blogger? | How I Tripled My Blog Traffic w/Twitter

April 09, 2017

I've been writing this blog for 2 years. My page views and followers only ever gone up slowly. That is until this last couple of months.

I've been on twitter forever and I'd tweet out new posts once or twice after uploading but that was it. And I never really interacted with other bloggers either.

I read a post from skinnedcartree about how she tripled her blog traffic in a week and I realized I needed to step up my Twitter game.

LORAC Pro To Go Eye & Cheek Palette | Review + Swatches

April 08, 2017

LORAC Pro To Go Eye & Cheek Palette

"Go PRO with LORAC! Created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, this PRO artistry palette includes 3 Shimmer and 3 Matte Eye Shadows, 2 Eye Shadow Brushes, 2 Blushes, and a Bronzer - everything you need to look glamorous on the go. LORAC’S velvety-smooth Eye Dhadows and Blushes are ultra-pigmented and packed with long-lasting PRO power so you can easily contour, shade, line and define, just like a PRO!"

- Lorac Product Description

LORAC Pro To Go Palette is available for $38 at Ulta and

Here is my experience with the Lorac Pro To Go Palette.

This Time Next Year TAG

April 07, 2017

I was tagged by the lovely Claire to do the "This Time Next Year tag." Make sure you check out her tag too! Thanks so much Claire! I love the idea of this tag!

I made a goals post in January with 5 goals I wanted to complete in 2017 so today I think I'll expand on them a little and give you all a little check-in of where I am right now.

The Mystery Blogger Award

April 06, 2017

I've been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award! Thanks so much to Andrea of Andrea's Nirvana for nominating me. You can check out her award post here

I know I just did the One Lovely Blog Award but Andrea nominated me so I didn't want to push this back.

This Award was made by Okoto Enigma and you can find her original post here.

Thanks again to Andrea for nominating me for my second ever blog award! Make sure you check out her blog and her post!

150 Blog Post Ideas | Ideas for Every Kind of Blog

April 05, 2017

We all fall victim to writer's/blogger's block every now and again. It sucks. Sometimes you want to write everything but have no idea what to write and sometimes you have ideas coming out of your ears but no motivation.

When I'm out of ideas I like to read blog post idea posts and when I'm unmotivated I like to read through my favorite blogs and read through my old posts.

Sometimes I play writing games like the "7-second writing challenge" that Dan & Phil made. You pick a topic like penguins or YouTube and write as much as you can in 7 seconds. It is such a fun game. D&P made it for their book and reading their creations was so funny!

Or sometimes I write without thinking. Just write each word as it comes to mind. I just write whatever comes to mind. It's like a one-word story game with yourself.

I think every blogger has done a "blog post idea" post. This isn't anything new but I wanted to share my ideas with you all and I wanted to share my favorite blog post idea posts with you too. Let's kick writer's block together!

Have Beauty Brands Lost Originality? | Let's Talk About Beauty Brands

April 04, 2017

In my post last month where I talked about dupes I mentioned that I felt companies spend so much time of copying each other that they never make anything new.

Every brand seems to be making the same things. Every brand made a matte nude palette with the same 5-8 colors last year. Every brand is making smokey and metallic palettes and it seems like no one is making anything new.

Tarte Amazon Clay 12 Hour Blush | Review + Swatches of Paaarty

April 03, 2017

"A long-wearing, supremely soft blush infused with Amazonian clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun.

Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place while also hydrating the skin naturally to restore moisture, reducing the appearance of dry, flaky skin.

Product performance: This 12-hour blush universally benefits all skin types for a fade-free, flawless finish in shades ranging from soft to vivid and matte to shimmer to suit a wide variety of skin tones."
Tarte Product Description

This blush is promised to reduce oil without making skin appear dry and to stay in place for long wear.

Tarte Amazon Clay blush is available for $28 at Sephora and on and $29 at Ulta.

Here is my experience with Tarte 12 Hour Blush.

My Unpopular Geek Opinions

April 02, 2017

Life is full of opinions. A lot of people form very strong opinions on things. Most of the time opinions that people feel strongly about have 2 sides and one is usually more popular than the other.

The geek world has many debates and everyone always feels strongly about their opinions. So speaking your mind with an unpopular opinion in the geek community can be a little scary. A lot of people defend opinions about geeky stuff like you are trying to kill them.

But I decided today I would share my unpopular geek opinions so please be nice to me. If you disagree and make a comment please say it nicely.

One Lovely Blog Award

April 01, 2017

I was nominated by Claire to for the Only Lovely Blog Award. I am so honored! Claire has a great blog. Check it out. Thank you so much for nominating me Claire! Check out Claire's Award post.

Seriously thank you so much Claire. This is my first ever blog award, like ever! It truly means alot to me! 

If you haven't heard of the One Lovely Blog Award it is like a tag where when you are nominated you make a post about the award and include 7-15 facts about you and nominate 9-15 bloggers you love for the award.

I just did a 25 facts about me post in February so it was a little hard to think of facts for this one. So if you want some more interesting facts check out that post.