One Lovely Blog Award

April 01, 2017

I was nominated by Claire to for the Only Lovely Blog Award. I am so honored! Claire has a great blog. Check it out. Thank you so much for nominating me Claire! Check out Claire's Award post.

Seriously thank you so much Claire. This is my first ever blog award, like ever! It truly means alot to me! 

If you haven't heard of the One Lovely Blog Award it is like a tag where when you are nominated you make a post about the award and include 7-15 facts about you and nominate 9-15 bloggers you love for the award.

I just did a 25 facts about me post in February so it was a little hard to think of facts for this one. So if you want some more interesting facts check out that post.


1. I love conspiracy theories.

2. As I said this is my first blog award! Thank's again Claire! I'm super excited!

3. I love fishing. I always throw them back but I find it relaxing to sit and cast lines all day.

4. I want to study psychology, computer science and graphic + web design at Uni.

5. I also want to go to cosmetology school and get my cosmetology and esthetician licenses.

6. I feel like people think I'm a hipster because I tend to genuinely like things that are "hipster" and that people "only wear to be cool."

7. I hate really hot weather. I can't stand being hot. I'd much rather be cold and have to warm up. I can't stand anything above 75 degrees F.

8. I'm trying to learn to knit but I think my needles are too big or something because no matter how many times I try with different yarns it just won't do a second row.

9. I love watching cook/baking shows. Great British Bake Off got added to Netflix US last month and I've already watched 2 seasons.

10. I have always loved jukeboxes. I love the bubble lights and the neon. I really want to get a classic or maybe even vintage jukebox when I have a house of my own.

11. I never played Pokemon of any kind until last year. I couldn't name more than 8 or so until last summer.

12. I have an old 1994 Ford Ranger that I never drive but can't bring myself get rid of because my day give it to me. He's still alive and all but I just don't have the heart to sell it. It still runs and he has practically bought every part it could ever need so it's practically brand new but the motor isn't so I don't trust it to go more than 50mi round trip. I mostly drive my mom's 2014 car since she only drives her work van.

13. 13 is my favorite/lucky number. But I also love 7 and 11. It always seems to be 11:11 when I look at the clock. (This one was really random but like I said I just did a facts about me post. I'm kind of out of facts.)


1. Tania Michele

2. MariaJ

3. Beth (MissCosmeticBlogger)

4. Elle May

5. Emmy (Emmy's Beauty Cave)

6. Rhianna (robowecop)

7. Jemma (Dorkface)

8. Lyd (What Lyd Did)

9. Natalie (Illumined Hearts)

10. Kayleigh Zara

11. Tarnya (Sweet Allure)

12. Gemma (What Gemma Did)

13. Meggan (Cardigan Jezebel)


1. Thank the person who nominated you and share a link to their blog

2. Post about the award

3. Share 7-15 facts about yourself

4. Nominate 9-15 bloggers you admire and contact them to let them know

*Don't forget to include the rules in your post.

I decided to do 13 facts and 13 nominations as it is my lucky number. Did you know I have 13 posts on the homepage of my blog? I just love that number. I still have no idea why. Maybe it's because people think it's unlucky. Maybe I'm just drawn to it.

Thank you all for reading about my first ever blog award! Thanks again to Claire for nominating me! Make sure to check out her blog and all of my nominees!

Let me know in the comments who you would nominate!

Photo credit: One Lovely Blog Award art by me in Photoshop.

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  1. Ahhh I loved reading this! We're so similar, I love odd numbers, especially 7 & 13 too, I study psychology at uni, I'm not a fan of hot weather & I'm learning to knit as well! I'm no knitting expert but if you check your wool isn't too tight in the first row it might help with more rows? (Although this is coming from the girl who can only knit items with big holes in them haha!)
    This was such a great post though, I loved reading through all your facts gal!
    Claire xo

    1. That's awesome! As for the knitting I think my yarn isn't the right kind. I bought a cheap kit with some wooden needles and 3 small bundles of yarn. I'm gonna get some new yarn and try again.

      xoxo Much Love,

  2. Congrats for the blog award!! Love that you're watching Bake Off - it's so good! Thanks for the nomination Cassie! :) Tania Michele xx


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