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May 08, 2017

Being a geek means being in a lot of fandoms. You fall in love with a ton of movies and TV Shows and books. Their universes become so real and you can get lost in them for hours.

Today I wanted to tell you guys about the universes I've fallen in love.


Doctor Who

I fell for DW almost instantly. I have loved all the new Doctors. They have all been great in their own ways. The first season is a little weird but still really great. I really got into the show after the Doctor's first regeneration. And I fell in love with 11 right away!

I'm not surprised I fell for DW. I've always loved Sci-fi and history. DW brings them together with an amazing character story too!


I'll be honest, it took me 2 tries to start watching SPN. For some reason the first time I watched it I couldn't pay attention. But after focusing and watching the first episode I was addicted. At the time the show had 9 season on Netflix. I watched all 9 seasons in 5 days.

Harry Potter

I fell for Harry Potter at around 12 or 13. I wasn't aloud to watch the films growing up. My mom saw a dementor and thought the films would scare me. I wasn't into reading until 11ish so I never read the books. I finally got the first book and fell in love. I'm actually re-reading the series now.

Sherlock (BBC)

I adore Sherlock. I didn't find out about it until season 3 popped up on Netflix. I heard some YouTubers talk about how there were only 6 episodes and I had to check it out. When the video was made there were only 2 seasons.

I was intrigued by the small amount of episodes and watched all 9 in about 2 days. Then begin the waiting. Sherlock takes so long to come out with new episodes! 

Those are the fandoms I'm most involved in. But I'm a part of a ton of other fandoms. My tumblr is full of Superwholock, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Attack on Titan, Yuri! On Ice, Deathnote and more.

If I had a geek dating profile it would probably look something like this:

Family Name: Winchester

Species: Time Lord

House: Slytherin (with attributes for Gryffindor)

Destiny: To be The Slayer

Regiment: Scout

District: 12

Faction: Dauntless - Born Insurgent

Favorite Instrument: Ocarina

Vehicle of Choice: Starship Enterprise

Weapon of Choice: Lucile (And Negan with her)

Partner in Crime: Harley Quinn & The Joker (Gotta have both!)

Nemesis: Batman (Sorry not sorry. I really hate him)

Side: Dark

Occupation: Trainer (with squartle as my companion)

I could go on for days. Are you a geek like me? What are some of your favorite fandoms? What would your geek profile look like?

In the comments below let me know if you know what fandoms in my "profile" you knew!

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  1. LOVE this posts! I'm part of all of these apart from DR Who - just couldn't get into it! And I love that profile section, really good! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. I get it. Who isn't for everyone. I'm starting to question it myself. I think I might have to resort to watching old episodes. haha.

      xoxo Much Love,

  2. Awesome post! I was allowed to read Harry Potter in the beginning, but then wasn't allowed to. It was so much fun to finally get the books and become a Potterhead. :D

    1. I was so happy when I finally got to watch it and read the books! Personally I'll be reading to my future kids as bedtime stories. haha.

      xoxo Much Love,

  3. Yes to Supernatural, Dean/Cas/Sam/Crowley feel like a part of the family. I love all the fandoms you mentioned; the only one I need to get on board is Doctor Who. I know I will love it, it`s just a matter of time until I will be glued to my screen.

    1. YES SPN! I just finished the S12 finale! It was pretty much how I predicted. I can't wait for S13!

      Doctor Who is really great. Once to stick through season 1 you can't stop. I rolled my eyes so many times during season 1. haha. It gets better I promise!

      xoxo Much Love,


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