SPI Cosmetics Pink 12pc Brush Set | Review

May 30, 2017

I was so excited when SPI emailed me about reviewing some of their brushes. I love makeup brushes so much! I mostly use Real Techniques so I love trying new brands. 

"Sassi's cruelty-free brush set is perfect for applying your favorite cosmetics with style. This set includes twelve of our high-quality brushes for the eyes, cheeks, and complexion.

SET INCLUDES: (1) Angled Liner Brush, (1) Brow and Lash Comb, (1) Smoky Liner Brush, (1) Bent Liner Brush, (1) Small Concealer Brush, (1) Large Concealer Brush, (1) Small Eyeshadow Brush, (1) Small Eyeshadow Brush, (1) Fan Brush, (1) Foundation Brush, (1) Contour Brush, (1) Powder Brush, (1) Brush Case

Makeup application is effortless thanks to the Pink! Synthetic Makeup Brushes.
Featuring two-toned synthetic Polymax fibers made of an exclusive thermoplastic polymer complex that mimics the consistency of natural hairs to pick up formula effortlessly.

Holds any cream, powder, or liquid formula without absorption.

- Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Vegan
- Two-toned synthetic fibers
- Exclusively designed ergonomic handle for total control"

-SPI Product Description

These brushes are from SPIcosmetics.com and are $18.

These brushes are soft and well made. The bristles are glued in well and cut evenly. I love the ombre of them. You can tell they are synthetic but not in a bad way. They are still soft.

The fluffy ones are nice and fluffy. And the packed ones are nice and flexible. I hate a stiff makeup brushes. These brushes move just how you expect.

The handles are well made and pretty balanced. The logo is carved in and then painted. Which is nice.

The brushes apply product well but don't hold on to the product. Meaning that they didn't have build up. They held up great to washing and were still soft after the wash.

I forgot to take a photo with the case but it is a nice vinyl case. It does smell a bit like vinyl but it didn't transfer to the brushes since they came with plastic covers. I'm sure the smell would go away with a wash.

The case is well made and has a protective flap to cover the brushes. The case looks blue on the site but is actually black. I like it and can't wait to use it after it's a wash. 

Was it worth the price? 12 brushes and a case for $18 is a great price! They are very nice brushes and I think they are worth the price. (As I've said before I got mine for free for review)

I really like these brushes and some of them will definitely be going into my makeup bag. The angled liner brush is awesome!

That's it for this reviewThanks so much for giving it a read! I hope you enjoyed! Have you tried an SPI Brushes? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me.

Disclaimer: I received these brushes for free to test and review them. All opinions are my own.

Photo Credit: All Photos were taken by me with a Canon Rebel T5 and an 18-55mm Lens. Then edited by me in Photoshop.


  1. Love these brushes! Nice photos as well :)

    1. Awe thank you!!

      I love these brushes too! They are really soft! And really pretty too!

      xoxo Much Love,

  2. These brushes are so pretty! I've been debating on getting a full set of brushes but you never know about the quality of the some the other inexpensive brands but this definitely looks like a contender especially if they don't really build up.😊


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