I Wish I Would Have Kept My Blog A Secret

August 13, 2017

I love my blog and the content I make but there are posts I want to write that I'm just not sure I can. And that is why I wish I'd kept my blog a secret from my family.

I've shared my blog on my personal facebook since the begin. I'm "friends" with a lot of my mom's family on there so some of them have probably read some of my posts in the past.

Most of my mom's family are racist, bigoted, homophobic people. I have nothing to do with them in my personal life but I am friends with some of them on Facebook. I kind of want to delete them all and block them but I know that would cause a uproar. I still might do it in the future anyway.

I have thought about blocking them all from my facebook pages and saying on my personal facebook that I've stopped blogging but I'd still be worried that they would come check my blog from time to time.

Everyone hates family drama and I'm sure you all have shit stirs in your family. So if I posted about LGBT rights or anything deep really, the odds are that it would still get to them even if I don't post it on facebook.

I have my fingers crossed they don't see this because I don't want to deal with the BS. They are a family of drama queens who love to go at each other's throats. I just don't want to deal with it.

I am pretty close to saying F- it and just writing all these things away. I don't live near any of them nor do I go around them but I'm sure I'd hear a lot of it from my mother.

I can't wait to move to the UK and for all his shit to be behind me.

I don't really know how to sign off today. So I'll just say thank you to all of you for supporting me! You guys are the best!

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  1. Anonymous14.8.17

    I hear you! I have things I want to right about that are pretty personal but because it may be about or involve someone I know I'm worried about the backlash (if there was to be any!).

    But you blog is your creative outlet and a place for you to speak freely. What you have to say may really help someone else and that's more important than someone turning their nose up at you.

    So go for it :) thanks for sharing!

    Laura ¦ www.laurahasablog.co.uk

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry you feel this way! As Laura said, this is your creative outlet and your space to speak on the things you want/believe in.
    I keep my blog pretty private from the people I know in real life. Like, a lot of people know I have a blog, but they don't know what it's called. That being said, it's all over my Twitter and Instagram, so who knows, maybe more people have seen than I thought!

    Olivia - The Northernist x

  3. I was just thinking about this today and I'm feeling exactly the same! My blog is all over my Facebook, even my LinkedIn, and so on, so I can't hide it from anyone! But, some days I just want to rant and tell everyone exactly how I feel and I just can't!


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