Beauty Gift Guide | 25 Beauty Gift Ideas | Christmas 2017

November 04, 2017

Christmas is almost upon us. Now is the time a lot of people start thinking about gifts. Sometimes you just can't seem to think of the right gift. Today I bring you a Beauty themed gift guide with items from under $15 up to $35 for the beauty lover in your life! 


elf is a great company and all of their products are $15 and under! Most are under $10. Some specialty items and sets are over $15 but all of the single range items are $15 or under. On their website, they have free shipping over $25 and have free shipping on any order flash sales!
$1 to $15

ColourPop is amazing! So many bloggers talk about them! Everything in the single range is $4-$8 and the palettes and sets are $16-$18. They have a huge range of colors in their eyeshadows and lip products!

$4 to $8

The worst thing about makeup is having to clean the brushes. It takes so long and when you just use your hands you are never sure if you are getting all the product and/or soap out of the brush. There are a bunch of brush cleansing palettes out there. I recommend the Real Techniques one because their products are always of amazing quality and you know this one will not fall apart.


I love these sponges so much! I haven't used a brush for foundation or concealer since I got my first one! I have bought a couple more since then. This is a great tool that I will never be able to live without again!

$6 - for a single

$11 - for two

I really love these little sponges. They help fix makeup mistakes like liner that has gone on wrong or mascara smudges. They work really well and come in a set of 2!


These were the first Real Technique brushes I bought. I fell in love instantly. This set is such a great starter! I use the buffing brush for foundation, the contour brush for blush, the foundation brush for concealer and the detail brush to clean up edges. It's such a great set. Plus it comes with a case!

I adore this brush! It's so big and fluffy. It perfect for powder! Everyone I've ever know to try it has loved it! 


This is one of the bold metals collection. This line is so beautiful. They run a bit higher in price because they are higher quality. They are super nice and insanely soft.


I discovered this nail color brand in May and fell head over heels. It has an amazing formula and it's so affordable! It stays so much better than expensive polishes! I was amazing and now I'm addicted to buying them!
$1.99 each

This is probably my most favorite lipstick of all time. It has great staying power and feels amazing! They are less than $6 a piece and they are my first pick when picking lipstick!

Prices vary from Ulta to Target to other retailers but all are under $6

Photo taken by me for review on this blog.


These eye brushes are so useful! This set contains 5 brushes. An angled brush great for brows, two amazing shadow brushes, one is packed and the other is fluffy and two little detail brushes that I use to add highlights and clean up edges. And just like the Core Collection, this set comes with a case!

Another beautiful brush from the Bold Metals Collection. This is a fluffy blush brush that comes to a point. This one is especially pretty because the handle is rose gold. I honestly can't get over how soft these bold metals brushes are.


This brush is really fluffy. It is a rounded powder brush with flatter sides. It is great for face powder, bronzer, and blush!

You can't go wrong with this lipstick! It's soft and rich! There are 135 shades and 7 finishes to chose from. It's one of the nicest wearing lipsticks I've ever used. I fancy the shades 714 and blackmail the most.

I love MAC retro matte lipsticks. The formula is great and the colors are beautiful! Retro matte means it is a truly matte finish. No shine at all. I recommend the shade, Ruby Woo.



This is the perfect matte nude palette. I use it with almost every look and I currently use it for my eyebrows. I take this little palette with me everywhere!


This is a beautiful warm toned palette that is nice and compact so it can easily fit into your makeup bag. The shades in this palette suit all skin tones! This is a great little palette to keep in your makeup bag.


This is the perfect travel palette! It has 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, and a bronzer! I love all the shadows so much! This is such a versatile little palette! 

$38 (a little or $35 but I had to include it!)

BONUS SPLURGE $40 to $65

This palette is gorgeous! It has been blowing up since its release this summer! And for good reason. Urban Decay makes such amazing quality shadows! This palette has beautiful warm tones and berries!

This palette is just as the name would suggest, peachy toned mattes! This palette has been doing quite well as most all matte palettes are nude tones. This palette is beautiful and the shadows are soft and smooth.

This palette just dropped recently. It is a limited edition. And it is absolutely gorgeous! I might have to pop this one on my wishlist this year.


You can't go wrong with one of these classic palettes! The original has 16 classic nude shades. The Pro 2 has 16 all new cool toned shades. And the Pro 3 has 16 new warm toned shades. Each palette has a bottom row of shimmer 8 shades and a top row of 8 matte shades.

$44 Each

You also can go wrong with this classics. Now the LORAC palettes are very similar to the UD palettes. At this point, it is a preference of which shadows you like better. The UD palettes however only have 12 shadows and do not have the even matte to shimmer ratio that the LORAC palettes have.
$54 each

Personally, would love to get any of these products under the tree! These are great for any beauty lover in your life!

What beauty products are on your wishlist this season?

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Photo Credit: Cover Photo taken by me with a Canon T5 and an 18-55mm lens and edited in Photoshop by me. *Product Photos from brands product pages. All rights to each brand.*

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