I am Proud to Be a Slytherin

November 06, 2017

If all of my Harry Potter posts this year haven't been proof enough I am obsessed with Harry Potter! But when it came to being sorted on Pottermore I was worried and I kept putting it off for so long. After I finally broke down and took the Pottermore quiz. I was delighted to get Slytherin. We are labeled as the bad house and the evil house but I am proud to be Slytherin.

Our house has a dark past and some Slytherin students were bad eggs but that doesn't mean the whole house is rotten. We are intelligent, strong-willed, and will do anything to find our way out of a situation or problem. We are determined and when we decided we want something we fight for what for it and aren't ashamed of it.

Not all students live up to the values of their house. Gilderoy Lockhart was a Ravenclaw. Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor. Gilderoy couldn't cast a good spell of Hermione stood behind him and cast it for him. And Peter! To betray his friends the way he did with the coward as he had. Sometimes I think that hat places these people to f**k with everyone.

Slytherin is the same in that our values aren't to be evil and to hold prejudice. We value ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness. Our house has a past of dark wizards but a few dark ones do not blacken the whole batch. We have a bad reputation but those are not the values we hold as a house. We do not, as a whole, hold the values of the dark wizards of our past. 

Our house is unfortunate to have a long line of mostly purebloods because of Salazar's prejudice. Most of us do not carry that prejudice. That has darkened the look everyone has on our house. But we do not carry the hate in our hearts of the dark wizards before us.

You have to remember that in the book we see through Harry's eyes. Though the book is told in third person but we never really see anything that Harry doesn't see. We are told his thoughts, his feelings. The way the houses are presented to the reader is through Harry.

He hears the rep of past Slytherins and writes them all off. He immediately pleads not to be put in Slytherin and forms a negative relationship with Draco from the get-go. After that all Slytherins are filtered through the dumb actions of young Draco and his friends. The negative vision is thrown at the reader and Slytherin becomes the bad house. 

While I admire the values of all the houses ambition and resourcefulness is what really stuck with me from the first time I discovered more about the houses than what we heard from Ron and the other Wizard borns. I love learning and I am quite daring which is why I can understand why I got Gryffindor and Ravenclaw during my multiple runs of the Pottermore quiz. You can check out My Pottermore results to hear that story.

Slytherin stuck with me. From the values of resourcefulness and ambition to the need to defy the reputation, we are up against of the bad house, the evil house. Slytherin really speaks to me. The drive to be the one in control of a situation. I feel a real connection to the house. More than the others.

Slytherins have a strong sense of self-preservation, which I have but I will also go to any lengths to protect the ones I love. I think that also explains my attributions for Gryffindor. However, while I have the bravery to jump into danger to save others I will take a moment to spot and think, unlike Gryffindor. That is much more Slytherin.

I also have a love for books and reading and learning all that I can. So I also understand my attributes for Ravenclaw. As for Hufflepuff, while I do value hard work and dedication I don't think I have that much of a connection to the house. I would lie to protect the ones I love and I do value loyalty but I think I too little a fuse to be a Hufflepuff. I am short tempered and very impatient. I can never wait for anything without getting agitated and it's hard for me not to yell in a disagreement.  

So I have so attributes for all the houses but I believe that Pottermore was correct with my first placement and I am very happy with it! I would honestly be happy with any house when actually attending Hogwarts. I mean I'd be like "I AM AT Hogwarts! Who cares where I have to sleep and what colors I have to wear?!!" (Slytherin does have the best colors though, soooo...)

Are you a HP fan? What is your house? Do you have house pride? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and this post is interesting for me. And I agree, not all of the Slytherins were bad, only some were.


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