Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide | 25 Gifts Ideas Under $20 | Christmas 2017

November 21, 2017

Christmas is approaching and gift buying is in full swing. Sometimes we focus on the big gifts so much that we forget about stocking stuffers and smaller gifts. So here are some great gifts under $20!

Popsockets | $10

At most retailers, popsockets are only $10! They have so many designs and you can find them just about anywhere! I have 2 on my phone now and I love them! I haven't dropped my phone since I got one. They also offer a design your own option on the popsocket site.

They are movable just like they say on the site. They stick best to smooth cases. They are reusable if you don't let them dry out. So if you are planning on swapping them out keep the plastic bit on the back. And peel them off gently. I've also seen them used on iPads and tablets. They are a great gift for anyone with a phone and a tendency to drop it. (has the biggest selection)

Also available at Target, Walmart, Best Buy and many other big retailers.

Photo from

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures | Most $15 and under on Amazon

Pop figures have taken over the world! They are everywhere! I myself have fallen in love with them recently. And have found a new addiction.They are such cute little collectibles. They have at least one figure for just about every fanbase out there now. You can find a figure for just about anyone on your list now. They have Marvel and DC figures, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Harry Potter. Just about any series you can think of.

Photo from Funko's Amazon Page

Dorkface Shop | Prints & Other bits and bobs under $10

Jemma has a beautiful Etsy shop! It is so bright and colorful! She sells hand-drawn prints and stickers. She also has a colorful bookmark and laminated planner sheets! All of which are available for under $10! She also has paintings and custom hand-drawn prints for under $40! Her custom portrait illustrations make a great gift! They are $36! Well worth it! Jemma is an amazing Artist. But you better hurry. She doesn't have many spots left for the custom stuff to guarantee you'll get them before Christmas.

Dorkface Shop Banner. Jemma painted it herself!

Sweet Allure Shop | Watercolor Disney Prints Under $10

Tarnya has the most beautiful Disney prints! I am a huge fan of watercolors and Tarnya does it beautifully! She has all sorts of Disney characters, Harry Potter themed prints and she does custom work for $13!

Sweet Allure Shop Banner

Sample Sized Beauty Products

Ulta & Sephora have tons of little sample sized products near the registers. Most are under $20. It's a great way to try new high-end beauty products without paying the high price tag. They make great small stocking stuffers!

Cute Coffee Mugs

I love quirky mugs! I'm a bit of a coffee mug collector. I probably have 30+ and none of them are the same. I love finding cute little mugs! Most of the time when I see a cute mug when I'm out shopping I usually can't help but buy it. My mom got me a Tim Horton's (a coffee shop here in the US and Canada) mug that looks like a Christmas Jumper a few year back and I love it! My sister has gotten me the yearly Starbucks mug for the past few years. My dad got me one last year. I love mugs! They are such great gifts and are usually under $10 or $15!

Cute Travel Coffee Mugs

Like regular mugs, I am a bit of a travel mug collector as well. They have so many cute ones and most are under $5! Starbucks sells seasonal ones the size of their tall cups for $3! I got one last year that has a red wreath around the SB logo. Such a cute and affordable gift! Everyone needs to take a hot drink on the go every once in awhile. (I personally use travel mugs at home when making coffee. So much easier to drink out of.)

Handmade Reusable Coffee/Mug Sleeves

Speaking of travel coffee mugs. Coffee sleeves save our hands from the hot mugs and the handmade knitted ones I've found on Etsy will help keep your coffee warm for longer too!

Here's a handful I think are just adorable! You can find more by searching "Coffee Sleeve" on Etsy.

Notebooks with Cute Covers

I personally always ask for notebooks for Christmas. I use them up like crazy to help keep all of my stuff organized. Notebooks are great gifts for bloggers and other online content creators. I always just tell my sister to get me notebooks. I use them all up! (The notebook in the photo at the top of this post is from Urban Outfitters)

Cute Stationary & Stationary Sets

Like notebooks, everyone can use more notepads and pens! There are all sorts of stationary sets out there. Most are around $20 but the ones with all the bits and bobs are usually closer to $30. Like this one from Amazon. It's so pretty! With all the pieces I think it'd be worth the $29.


Who doesn't love a good candle? Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works make great seasonal candles and their standard scents are great too! The smaller candles at Yankee Candle are $16 and have amazing quality! The wicks don't break and the scent doesn't fade, it stays just a strong as when you first buy it! The Bath and Body Works White Barn candles are nice but the smell can fade away a bit as you use them. I love the Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon candles at B&B but the quality of Yankee is better.

Blanket Scarf | $13

Blanket scarves are so cute! They are huge and comfy and really warm! They are flannel and usually come in a wide variety of colors! You can wear them like a normal scarf or as more of a shaw. They are usually really soft flannel and are really warm.

Phone Cases

There are fun and cute phone cases everywhere. I usually never keep the same phone case for long. I love to find new cute cases and change it up. A lot of the "fashion" cases are $15 or less and they are really cute! I got my marble and rose gold case (as seen in the photo at the top of this post) at Clarie's. They have a lot of cute fashion cases there. Fashion cases don't offer the best protection so I'd suggest using a cheap $10 glass screen protector with them.

You can also find some cute mid-level protection cases for $20 or under.

Lapel Pins

Lapel/Apparel pins are so fun to collect! They have gotten very popular within the last few years so they are everywhere! Most pins are under $10 and you can find them for just about every fanbase nowadays. There are lots of really fun ones that aren't tied to a fandom out there too!

ThinkGeek has a bunch of different pins for a ton of fanbases. Most singles are under $20 but some of the sets are over. There are also a bunch on Amazon too. Just search something like "Harry Potter Pins"


If you have someone on your list who loves to read you can find a ton of books for less than $10 on Amazon! Amazon buys books in huge bulk from the publisher so they are able to offer the books at a much lower cost that Barnes & Noble or other bookstores.

Gift Sets

During this time of year, just about every company comes out with all sorts of gift sets. It's a great way to try new products. From brands you love or from new brands. I usually get my dad an Old Spice or Gillette set since I know he loves the brands. But Gift sets aren't just restricted to beauty and self-care. My dad and I get my brother-in-law a hot sauce collection every year because we know he loves hot sauce. We usually find a set of 10-15 different sauces and he uses them all year around. 

My dad usually gets me so sort of cute brush set or something like that. They have tons of gift sets at just about every big box store at Christmas and you can usually find something for everyone! And most sets are under $20!

Gift Cards

When in doubt gift cards are a great option! You can usually get a card that you can fill with $15-500 and you can get gift cards to just about anywhere. If you have a beauty lover on your list go for Ulta or Sephora. For a tech/movie lover go for Best Buy. 

Amazon is always a good idea too since they have just about anything. iTunes cards are great for anyone with an Apple devices. All iTunes/App Store gift cards are good for any digital goods offered by Apple. 

AMC and restaurants can be good bets too if they like going to the movies or you know their favorite restaurant. Or a card to their favorite coffee shop. Gift cards don't have to be impersonal. You can personalize it to the person and give a very sentimental card.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish is always a good bet. All the drugstore brands are under $10 and they fit really well into the nooks of a stocking. My favorite brands are Sinful Colors, just $1.99 a bottle, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, $3 a bottle, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, around $4-5 a bottle and Essie, around $8 a bottle. Some indie brands are a bit more but they are usually better made. Drugstore brands quality really depends on the batch.

Lip Balm

I keep lip balm in every bag, every coat and every room in the house this time of year. My lips can get so dry. So lip balm is a great idea for a stocking stuffer! It's small and is usually under $3. My favorites are EOS, Chapstick and Burt's Bees.

Christmas Ornament with the Year on it

Last year I started the tradition of buying an ornament with the year on it every year. Single ornaments can go from under $1 to around $10. Some of the crazy ones can be more. I really like the idea of finding a cute ornament each year that has that year on it. Getting one for someone as a stocking stuffer could be a great way to start the tradition then it can be something you do together every year.

You can also get personalized ornaments on Etsy! You can get one with your wedding anniversary or a baby's first Christmas completely personalized.

Fashion Jewelry

Those cute ring sets of 5-6 rings or the sets of 24 pairs of earrings. Fashion jewelry is usually under $15 and is so cute! Do be careful though and make sure to get sterling silver as some people can be allergic to the metals in fashion jewelry.

Beanies, Gloves, and Socks

Beanies are always adorable! The gloves with the smartphone fingertips are everywhere now. I love mine! I 100% recommend them. And who doesn't always need socks? Growing up I would have hated getting any kinds of clothes now I'd love to get socks in my stocking. I swear I buy socks every few months. I can never find them once I take them off.


My mom always buys the big bags of candy like you buy for Halloween and after filling our stockings she'd pour half the bag in my stocking and half in my sisters. Filling the gaps in a stocking with small candy or adding in full-sized candy bars can be a great idea. Almost everyone has a sweet tooth for something. Fill the gaps with their favorite candy. 

My mom still does this for me, my sister and her kids. My mom buys us of each a new stocking every year and fills it with little goodies. It's such a cute and sweet thing to do!

I hope you found some gift inspo today! If you are still stuck you can always ask them for a handful of ideas and pick from that. Check out my post about tips for Xmas shopping for more tips on how to get ideas for gifts.

What are your favorite go-to items for stocking stuffers? Let me know in the comments!

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