You Sparked My Love For Time and Space | The 9th Doctor

April 06, 2018

Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. 9 you were the one that introduced me to your world. You showed me inside your little blue police box and took me the year 5 billion to see the end of Earth. You took me to me to Christmas 1869 to see Charles Dinkens himself read The Christmas Carol.

We stopped the Silitheen Family from starting World War 3 and defeated the Editor on floor 500 on Satellite 5. You showed me how you dance and that night everybody lived. Even if it was just that once. We solved the mystery of the Bad Wolf and lost you on the same day.

I didn't have long with you but I enjoyed the time we had. You give me all of time and space and we had a grand time together. I will never forget when you were the Doctor. You were born just after Gallifrey disappeared out the sky. Born out of war, you were kind, you were merciful. You fought for everyone to live.

I'll never forget platform 10. I'll never forget that Christmas in 1869. Though it may change as you do I'll never forget your little police box. Just the way it was the first time I saw it. I'll never forget the time the Doctor danced.

And I'll surely never forget you. My first Doctor. The one who started it all. You were the spark that started it all.

I have to be honest with you guys. 9 is not my favorite Doctor. He was my first, he'll always have a special place in my heart. But he isn't my favorite. However, I hold a lot of love for him. He represents everything the Doctor is supposed to be. Kind, forgiving, merciful. He's the Doctor that was excitingly happy that "Just this once, EVERYBODY LIVES!"

He was the perfect introduction to The Doctor. He's who you needed to meet before you see The Doctor go down his darkest path. Just two regenerations later the man calling himself The Doctor would be unrecognizable to that of the legend of that process the name The Doctor.

9 was the Doctor you need to know to recognize how dark the Doctor becomes.That is why I love 9. He isn't someone who should be skipped. You can't skip 9. You will never know who the Doctor really is. Because while I have a deep love for 11 he is a twisted version of the Doctor. If you skip 9 you'd never know who dark and twisty 11 really is.

9 may not be my favorite but he very important and I really do love him! He's the starting point. He truly is The Doctor. He chose the name Doctor because he wants to help. 9 only ever helped people. He was the light at the being of a story that got darker and darker. Then finally started getting light again.

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