The Wonderful World of Magical Creatures in Harry Potter

July 24, 2018

My favourite thing about Harry Potter is by far the magical creatures. From unicorns to mermaids to dragons I love mythical creatures. Pixies and fairies and centaurs. I love all the creatures that JK included in the world of Harry Potter. So today I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my favourites!


I can't do a post about Harry Potter creatures and not include Hippogriffs. Buckbeak was a huge character and is really beautiful. His feathers look so soft and he's so sweet. How can you not love a hippogriff?


I adore unicorns. Any style. From the silver bodied and rainbow manes to the all silver beauties in the Harry Potter universe. They are so beautiful and all I want to do is pet one. Did you know I've debated to changing my blog name to ZombieUnicorn? I'm still saving the name for something else. I'm not sure what yet.


I mean how do you not love a dragon? Huge and powerful. Their scales always have beautiful markings and can vary from deep and matte to bright and shimmery. I love the Hungarian Horntail from Goblet of Fire.

Merpeople of the Black Lake

Speaking of GOF I loved the merpeople in the black lake. They are so different than the classic perception of mermaids. They weren't blatantly beautiful. They had gills in their necks and hair that looked like the tentacles of a sea anemone. Even in the water their voices were like screaks and sent a few chills down my spine. Their skin grey and scaley. I loved it. They were eerie and such a wonderful change from the "beauty" of mermaids.


I found them terrifying as a kid and still think they are creepy. But I love them too. The way they move. The way you only ever see their long decaying fingers sliding out of their cloaks. The sound they make when feeding. It's just an amazing chilling vibe and I really love it.


I think they are beautiful. I love how everything in this universe that circles around death has a decay about them. Thestrals are beautiful skeleton horses. An undead pegasus. I love it.


They are such beautiful birds. So bright and bold. I love their life cycle. There is something so beautiful and their life burning into nothing and rising a new from the ashes.


The concept of a boggart being about to become anything is really amazing. The mystery of them is so interesting. But I'd love to see a story on Pottermore about a kid in Defense Against the Dark Arts class who faces a boggart and it is in able to change and has no choice to show it's real form. Finally having a description would ruin the mystery but knowing that people can face them without them being about to change would be really awesome.

House Elves

I have to include Dobby. He's so sweet and all he ever wants to do is help and cares so much for Harry. We don't really get to know many other House Elves in the series but I fully support Hermione's cause SPEW.


I can't finish this post without mentioning Hedwig. She's just so beautiful. Not only Hegwid but all the owls in the series. I think it is just so cold that you can just own an owl in this world. I'd love with have an owl. Esspecially one like Hedwig.

Thanks so much for reading this post! What are your favourite creatures featured in Harry Potter?

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