Underrated Harry Potter Characters

July 07, 2018

There are characters in every story that get overlooked or aren't showed all the love they deserve. And Harry Potter is no exception. I'm also a big believer that there are some characters that get too much love but I'll save that for another post. That one might get shouty. Anyway today I wanted to give some love to these characters who I care about and the fandom seems to push aside.

Minerva McGonagall

This isn't true for the whole fandom. I've seen a few Minerva appreciation posts but not many. McGonagall is the only one who fought against Dumbledore placing Harry with the Dursleys. She pushed back against Harry competing in the Triwizard Tournament. She was the most badass witch in the whole series. Everyone knew to get out of the way when she stood up against Snape in Deathly Hallows. She just doesn't get enough love.

Rubeus Hagrid

Not only is there not enough love from the Fandom, it's mostly "oh sweet Hagrid" There isn't enough love in the series. No one cared more about Harry than Hagrid yet Harry goes and names his kids after Snape and Dumbledore! It's the worst part of the series for me.

Ron and Hermione

This is purely in the book. Without there help Harry would have died year 1 or year 2. Harry never would have known that Dumbledore wanted him to save Buckbeak and Sirus. Ron and Hermione are the real heroes of the story. Harry was just the sword they used to kill Voldemort. It isn't until the very end that any of their efforts are truly recognised.

Neville Longbottom

Not only does he kill Nagini the final Horcrux, he helps Harry with the second task of the tournament. Without Neville (and a bit of Crouch Jr.) Harry wouldn't have made it past the second task.

Draco Malfoy

This one is purely subject to if you believe this fan theory, Draco sent Doby to warn Harry. A house elf can't leave without permission. It could have been Draco's mother but I believe it was Draco because later in the bookshop we see Draco tear the page out of a book. Why would he do this? His family has money and they don't discourage learning. 

Later Harry and Ron find a piece of paper torn from a book in Hermione's hand. That doesn't add up. Hermione loves book she would never rip out a page. The writing on the page "pipes" also doesn't look like Hermione's handwriting.

Draco got the paper to Hermione somehow and helped the Golden Trio save the day. Maybe that wasn't his original intention I believe he did give her the paper.

I also really love Draco because he was a boy without a choice just like Harry. He was just born on the wrong side of the war. I have a whole post on that so I won't go into that here.

I'm sure there are many more that you guys want me to mention but I can't think of any more right this minute. Please let me know your underrated Harry Potter characters in the comments!

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  1. OOOOh I love that Draco/paper theory - I've not heard it before! I've always firmly believed he wasn't evil, but just a bit of a dickhead most of the time, but he also had a heart! :) Tania Michele xx


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