Let's Talk about Social Media Algorithms and the state of YouTube

November 19, 2018

Algorithms are our worst enemies now. On YouTube, you are sort of overlooked by the system if you make more than one type of content. On Instagram, it is unlikely your followers will see anything unless you post multiple photos a day and honestly they probably have something similar to the YouTube function. Or at the very least people prefer that an IG account have a theme and one topic like blog photos or fashion or photography. On Twitter, it's a bit more laid back but it's still sort of expected to have a sperate account for blog or Etsy or other promo types. If you have a blog and an Etsy store and are also on YouTube and into other hobbies, you can end up drowning in social media accounts. Well, I've decided to just say fuck it.

My Dream Tattoos

November 16, 2018

Bit of a different post today but I think it'd be fun. A fact about me I don't think I've shared here before, I have always wanted to get tattoos. My tastes have changed over the years and I am very grateful my mom didn't let me get the multicoloured nautical star tattoo I wanted when I was 15. I hate them now. I've grown to want tattoos that have meaning to me and have a special design. I've also fallen deeply inlove with watercolour tattoos.

Diary Entry 3

November 09, 2018

My least favourite part about blogging is writing these intros. I never know where to start. I always procrastinate writing because I don't want to write them. Am I alone in this? Anyway, these diary entries are kind of like a life update so let's talk about what's been happing with me.