My Wiccan Book of Shadows | Crystals & Covens pt.3 | Witchcrafting

March 12, 2019

As soon as I started learning about Wicca I heard the term "Book of Shadows" a lot. A Book of Shadows is a watches journal, spellbook and place to keep all that is learned during their journey. Some people use a leather journal or a sketchbook. So people use a binder so they can move things around. I've considered doing that but I decided on the multiple book method. I have 3 books, a journal, a spellbook and a lexicon for all the things I learn. A Wiccan textbook if you will.

My Art Supplies | Budding Artists

March 09, 2019

This year has been amazing for my artist side. I've been setting the goal of "make more art" for the last three years. But I always pushed it aside for blogging. But in January I started following a ton of artist YouTubers and I have been creating more art than I ever have. In 2018 I did a decent amount of digital art but this year I've been diving head first into the traditional art. Since this is the first time I've really gotten into traditional art I've gotten a lot of art supplies over the last 2 and half months. So I wanted to share my supplies as a budding artist.

Choosing to ONLY buy Cruelty-Free Beauty Products from now on | + My Fave CF Blogs

March 06, 2019

Something I've decided about myself is that I want to stop supporting the mistreatment of animals as much as I can this year. I've started the road to Vegetarianism. I also decided to steer my makeup collection in the cruelty-free direction as well.

The first questions I had about Wicca | Crystals & Covens pt.2

March 03, 2019

Recently I started my Wiccan Journey. I have been loving it so far. It feels like I was always meant to find it. The reviews really aligned with mine and I've always been interested in the Occult and astrology. I was pulled toward it since the moment I clicked play on Harmony Nice's video. So today I wanted to share some of the first questions I had when diving into Wicca.