Goodbye Maybelline | Brands I'll miss after going Cruelty Free

June 10, 2019

After making the choice to only by cruelty-free products I had to come to terms with the heartbreaking reality that some of the loved brands in my drawer would never be with me again once they were used up. Some of my go tos, my favourites, banished. So today I wanted to say goodbye to some of the brands I loved.

I chose Maybelline for the title because it was the biggest hit to my collection. While Maybelline does not test on animals themselves, they do sell in Mainland China and pay the fees for the Chinese government to test on their behalf before their products can go on consumer shelves.

I will miss Maybelline dearly. My entire face base has consisted of Maybelline for years. From the Fit Me foundation to the SuperStay Foundation. I've loved Maybelline for so long. My first mascara was one of there neon pink and green ones. I have 4 Maybelline Mascaras in my collection right now.

I loved all their shadows that I've tried. The Lemonade Craze Palette is still one of my favourites. I couldn't believe that one of the highlight shades really has holo in it. I've used there felt tip liner for years. It's my go-to liquid liner.

I even have a few of the lipsticks with the colourful plastic caps and a few liquid lipsticks. I could probably do a full face of Maybelline products. Maybelline has been a staple in my collection since I first started doing my makeup.

Before I made the move to foundation I used so many tubes of the Dream Fresh BB Cream. It was even in my first ever blog post as one of my Top 10 Under $10. Maybelline has been with me throughout my entire makeup journey. It has been a go-to when I needed a new product and a tried and trusted brand of my collection.

I'm so sad to see it go. I'm going to put all my Maybelline Products in project pan and when they are gone I'll be sad to never use another product from a brand I held so dearly.

Another huge staple brand in my collection has always been Rimmel. I have raved and raved and raved about Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 107. I've even written a whole post on how much I love that damn lipstick. I'm heartbroken to see it go. I'm actually running low so I might break my rule and buy one more so I have time to hunt down a dupe. I love that f-ing lipstick so much!

The Rimmel Kohl liners are also one of my go-to pencil liners. They are really smooth and glide on. I'm not as upset with that though because I love the Urban Decay ones too and the NYX ones seem like a good Drugstore liner.

Other than a concealer, liners and my coveted Lasting Finish Lipstick I haven't really gotten too deep into Rimmel. Though I did use there BB cream religiously when I first go into makeup. As well as their Stay Matte Powder and Natural Bronzer. I actually just found the bronzer deep in my makeup drawer when moving and I might add it to project pan. Especially for summer. 

Truly thought The 107 Lipstick is the only thing from Rimmel that I'll really miss.

Staying in the "I'll miss this lipstick" vain. I'll desperately miss Mac Ruby Woo lipstick when I run out. It's my favourite classic red I've ever tried.

Something I am really sad to give up is the Benefit POREfessional Primer. It's the only primer I've used. I love it so much and I'm almost out. Someone send me dupes ASAP! I might by a sample size one to give myself more time to test out alternatives.

I also really love my Hoola Bronzer. But I've got quite a bit of it left and I rotate my bronzers pretty regularly so I don't think I'll hit pan for quite a while. I have other bronzers but none are quite the same tone as Hoola so I'm going to hunt for a dupe before I run out.

The biggest hit to my beauty collection wasn't actually the makeup. Other than the face base stuff I have more ColourPop, Urban Decay, NYX and Tarte stuff than non-CF stuff. The biggest hit was my Skincare. Which all has to be replaces. I'm heartbroken! I love love love the stuff I use for my face!

Origins have been my go-to skincare brand for years! The By All Greens face wash is my favourite face wash off all time. I ran out of it a few months ago and the Sephora I went too didn't have it so I got the Fresh Rose Cleanser and it's not CF either! I also really love using the Origins Ginzing Face Scrub and I'm almost out.

I also use the Biore Charcoal Acne scrub which is off my shopping list now too. As well as my favourite nose strips.

My face hydrator has been Neutrogena Water Boost Hydro Gel forever and I have to say goodbye too. I will say I'm not "sad" to see her go. I love the way it fell but I don't like that it has dyes and fragrances in it. I've been hunting for a dupe for a long time. I just it's time to start trying new ones.

My favourite Green tea moisturizer from Boscia is also off my shopping list now. I'm hoping to slowly replace everything with First Aid Beauty products. They are dye and fragrance-free like Origins but CF!

I'm also morning the entirety of my Nail Polish Collection. I mostly buy Sally Hansen and Essie polishes and both are not CF. I also love SinfulColors and Salon Perfect but I can't find a definitive answer on if they are CF. So I decided to not buy those until I can find a yes or no. I'm switching to China Glaze and Indie polishes now. I'm excited about that. Indie polishes perform better anyway.

And lastly, Wet 'n' Wild. I was so excited to dive into WnW now that I've switched to CF but after Cruelty-Free Kitty revelled that they are selling in China I'm heartbroken that I won't get to try them. They make the Chinese products in China but still selling there knowing that they are still subject to After Market Testing if someone gives the government cause. They won't be paying for it but they are knowingly letting it happen. 

I'm also writing of WnW because when CFK asked them if they sold in China they lied to her. Saying that they don't. It was only after her post came out with photographic proof that why fessed up to selling in Mainland China since 2018. So WnW is written off from me.

I think that's it for the brands in my collection I'll miss. There are a lot of brands I'm sad I'll never get to try. Let me know if you guys what to see that as a post! I can also do a post about brands I'm excited to try since discovering them through CF creators.

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Photo Credit: Photo taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 with an 18-55mm lens and edited by me in Photoshop.

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  1. There are a few brands I miss since going cruelty free and Rimmel is one of them. It's worth losing a brand or two though.

    Louisa |


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