Delicious and Easy Crunchy Apple Crisp | Gluten Free Oat Topping | + Easily Vegan

May 21, 2020

Yesterday I realized my apples were starting to winkle and one was starting to get really soft. So I need to use them up quick! Apple Crisp is the perfect way to use up apples before they go bad and it's delicious! Personally, I think that apple crisp is better than apple pie. I just love that crunch of the topping! 

My Zero Waste Wishlist | All Etsy Links | Makers Unite!

May 18, 2020

A big goal for me this year is to become green and switch to as many paperless and plastic-free products as possible. I want to reduce my contribution to Garbage Island as much as possible. So I've been doing some research and finding things to replace my most used single-use items. I've already switched Paper towels and sponges for "bar rags" and I'm so excited to keep switching! A big thing I wanted to do while switching to Zero Waste is also buying my items from fellow makers. So I found as much of these as I could on Etsy. Another big 2020 goal of mine is to buy small any time I can. I'm tired of giving my money to Amazon and Walmart. Makers Unite!

Brands I was Surprised were NOT Cruelty Free

May 15, 2020

Oh my god, this is my 400th post! Whoohoo! I just wanted to mention that before we start! Anyway on to the post.

Like a lot of newbie CF consumers, I made some assumptions on brands cruelty-free status. But I learned quickly from research that a large number of well-known brands aren't CF. Some just seem like "why wouldn't they be CF" Some have whole campaigns about being clean and fresh products. It seems like brands like that would be CF right?

My 2020 Bucket List: UPDATED for Lockdown

May 12, 2020

So I've decided to revisit this post because almost all of my 15 bucket list items in my original post included travel and or crowded spaces. And we all know that isn't happening in 2020. So I think I'd update it with things I can complete in lockdown. Plus making a list like this will help time make sense again. Like is anyone else going through that right now? Time is just lost. Anyway here are 15 new things I want to do this year. I guess my 2020 bucket list is now my 2021 or 2022 bucket list.

Diary Entry 6

May 09, 2020

Wow, it has been quite a while since I sat down to write a blog post. I can't seem to stay on the blog train. This year has been a rough one for all of us, hasn't it? I lost my will to just about anything in January. I've been struggling to even fill the occasional Etsy order. But I think I'm finally ready to get back into the blogging world. And get back to my Etsy stuff and maybe YouTube too.