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Copyright on Written Content

All rights to written content are reserved to ZombieGoddess Beauty and Cassie Hampson unless stated otherwise. Any unauthorized copying or reproduction of material on this blog is prohibited without express permission from myself. If you'd like to use some of my written work you can email me

Copyright on Images

All images I post are my own unless explicitly stated otherwise, and there for the copyright of all content on this blog belongs to me. If you would like to use my images I am more than happy to oblige, however, you must link back to me when using my images.

If you are found to be using one of my images without credit I will first contact you asking for credit. If you refuse or do not respond within 3 days I will turn in your content for copyright infringement.

Please Note: Permission granted for images only applies to images I own. I can not give permission for stock photos or photos I've used with permission from the owner.

All posts and pages with photos will have photo credit listed at the bottom of the post or page. Please check that I own the image before using photos and always link back to the post of origin. Image use permission is only granted with attribution. Thank you.

Use of Stock Photos

As stated above all images used on this blog are owned by myself unless stated otherwise. Photos that aren't owned by me are most likely stock photos. Stock photos are professional photographs of commonplaces, landmarks, nature, events or people, products, and other objects. Stock photos are typically sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.

There are a few popular paid stock photo sites but there are also free stock photo sites. I mostly use these sites for my stock photos. The free stock sites I use are,, and

Free Stock Photo Disclaimer:  

These sites ensure that all their images are royalty-free and free to use however the photos are uploaded by their users so it is possible that photos were stolen and uploaded to these sites. 

If this happened and I'm using one of your photos please email to let me know I'd be happy to change the attribution on the post or page to link to you and your work or I can take down the image if you prefer.


Photo Credit

All images used, mine or otherwise will be credited at the bottom of the post or page it's featured on. If you wish to use images please always check if I own it and always link back. Thank you!

*If you use a photo without a link I will ask you to add a link or remove the image.

Copyright on Graphic Designs

All graphics are made by me and are Copyright of ZombieGoddess Designs. 

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