This is a personal blog written and edited by me. I am not a makeup artist, esthetician, dermatologist, or any other type of cosmetic or medical professional.  I am not claiming to be any of the above in any of my posts. 

I am not a medical professional and the advice on this page is not to be taken as such. The opinions expressed on this blog are not meant to be substituted for professional medical advice and if you have any questions you should consult a medical professional. I'm just a girl who loves makeup and I want to share my love with the world. 


I may participate in ad campaigns for products or brands. I only accept products that fit the content of this blog.These campaigns are usually a paid for advertisement. The compensation I receive will not affect my views of the products, nor will it affect the content, topics or posts on this blog. 

Sponsored posts will have a disclaimer at the bottom that reads "Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Sponsored by: ______." or "Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by_______." It may have an alternate Disclaimer if the company or brand requires. 

Sponsored posts will have a small photo at the very top of the post to indicate that the post is sponsored. You can see it to the right. 


I am a member of several affiliate programs and some links to product pages may be affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that I will receive a commission from the purchase of the product linked at no extra cost to you. Not all links on this blog are affiliate links. I am not sure of the percentage but I feel safe saying less than a fourth of my links are affiliate links. Affiliate Links will always be marked.

Any post containing affiliate links will have "Disclaimer: This post contains Affiliate Links" or "Disclaimer: Some links in this post are Affiliate Links."  at the very bottom of the post.

Posts with affiliate links will have a small photo at the very top of the post to indicate the use of affiliate links. You can see it to the right. 


Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

This is an affiliate program through Amazon. I can link to anything on Amazon and earn a 4-8% commission. I can also use Amazon's banner ads and earn a bounty.

Apple iTunes Affiliate

As a member of this program, I can link to any of Apple's digital content and earn a 7% commission. I can also use the iTunes banner ads that also earns a commission.


I sometimes do posts featuring products sent to me for test and review. Most of the time these products are sent to me by marketing companies or the PR department for a company/brand. There are also companies that send out boxes of mixed samples for test and review. You sign up on their website and they will start to send you products when you have a high enough following on social media. I am a member of some of these programs. Being sent products in no way changes my opinions of the products. All opinions are 100% my own!

Posts containing products received for review will have a disclaimer at the bottom that will read something like the following: "Disclaimer: I received this product or products for testing and my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own." The disclaimer may read differently if the company or brand requires.

Posts that contain products I have received for review will have a small photo at the very top of the post to indicate the products were sent to me for review. You can see it to the right. 

Some network companies work with bloggers to bring them sponsored content and to help bloggers create relationships with brands. Instead of being sent samples these companies work with blogger to help them find brands that want to work with bloggers.

All content made possible by these networks will be classed as Sponsored content and marked as such. (See Sponsored Content Disclaimer above)

On occasion doing one of the sponsored posts from this brand may involve a press sample. These posts will be classed as Sponsored Content with a press sample and will be marked with both the Sponsored Content image and the Press Sample image.  



I am a member of Influenster. They are one of the companies that send out boxes of samples. For the past few months, I've been sent a box about every 2 months. They send me products and I test them out then share my experience. Again being sent these products in no way changes my view on the products. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Any posts containing products I've received from Influenster will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the post that reads: "Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes." It might be worded differently if Influenster requires. 

All Posts about products from Influenster are classed as Press Samples and shall be marked as such. (See Press Sample disclaimer above)


Some products I review may be a free sample from Ulta or Sephora. Either as a free add-on to a purchase or as rewards member B-day gift. 

When I review a product I got as a freebie the post will have a small photo at the very top of the post to indicate that I got the products for free. You can see it to the right.

Freebies ARE NOT Press Samples! Press Samples are marked Press Sample. See the disclaimer above for more info!


Some posts I write for companies may not be a sponsored post but a collaboration which means I will write a post on my blog and then they will feature it on their blog or website, and link to me. Usually, this means they contacted me about the idea for the post for a campaign they are doing. These post will usually have a small paragraph with their info at the bottom of the posts. 

These post will also have something like this written at the bottom "Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with ________. You can check out their site here." The disclaimer may include a few more links if the company or brand requires. Or if I feel comfortable adding more links upon their request. Collaboration posts are not a paid for advertisement. 


One more time just to make it clear any reviews on this blog are 100% my opinion. Whether I purchased the product, it was a gift, or a company or brand sent it to me, it will not affect my view of the products. I will not give a favorable review for compensation. Nor will I review products that do not fit the branding of this blog for compensation. I will only accept products and deals that fit the theme of this blog. 

If you are company or brand that would like to contact me about reviewing a product or doing a sponsored post you can find my business email here. I'd be happy to work with you if you think your brand or products are fitting for my content. Please note the above disclaimers and also note I will not write a review of a product or a write a sponsored post without giving a proper disclaimer in the post. You can find all my PR Policies here. 

FTC Compliance (NO EXCEPTIONS): 

ZombieGoddess Beauty and its Author comply fully with the latest FTC Guidelines regarding disclosures. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own and not that of any advertiser, company, affiliate or group. I will only endorse products or services that I believe in, based on my own expertise and experience, are worthy of such endorsement. All reviews of products are 100% the blog owners opinion and are not subject to pre-approval by PR Representatives or brands. 

Any Brands or PR Representatives that wish to impose such pre-approval guidelineor wish to provide content that is not written by me, will not be accepted without compensation and will be labeled and disclosed appropriately as a sponsored post.

I will not publish a post that does not contain any content written by me. A company may submit sponsored content to be uploaded but I will not publish it on its own. I will add my own content about the subject to the post with the sponsored content before publishing. Any Brands or PR Representatives that wish to have a full post of sponsored content without any additional content added by me will not be accepted.


This blog is a place of love & acceptance. Everyone is welcome. Comments are always welcome, however, there are few things that could result in a comment being deleted.

1.) Opinions are great! Please feel free to share yours but please do it nicely. Sharing options doesn't mean you have to be rude or mean. Being rude or mean will cause your comment to be deleted and you will be blocked from commenting on this blog.

2.) No fighting. This blog is my happy place. I hope maybe it can be for you too! Fighting in the comments will cause all comments from both or all parties to be deleted. All parties will also be blocked from commenting on this blog.

3.) Any racist, homophobic, or vulgar comments will be deleted immediately.

4.) Spam comments such as, selling products, selling services, posting the same comment over and over again, or anything that is decided to be spam will be deleted immediately. 

These policies were last updated on 09.05.17