ZombieGoddess Designs

I got Photoshop for Christmas in 2015 to use for my blog and nature photography. I started playing around with graphics to make a logo for my blog. After playing around for a little bit I found a passion for Graphic Design. After a few months I decided that I wanted to make graphics for other people and thus ZombieGoddess Designs was born.

I was terrible at first. My graphics were beyond simple. And some were just bad. As I played with photoshop my graphics got better and better. Now I'm in love with my Header and my social media buttons. As well as all of the other graphics on my blog.

After using my own blog for trial and error I'm finally getting better and I have been loving the designs I've been doing recently! My "moon" header is my favorite graphic I've ever done. I'm so excited to keep creating!





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My Social Media Buttons

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Made for - A Prego Helping Pregos

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Made for - GirlsWhoBlog

I have created all of these designs myself and they are copyright to me. 

If you'd like a graphic design you can find more info here