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I love photography. I started when my dad got me a DSLR for Christmas a few years ago and fell in love! I take all my own photos for this blog but I also take photos in my free time. I love to take photos of nature. It's obvious by this blog that I love makeup. I thought I would take a moment to dedicate a page on this blog to my other love, photography.

I got a DSLR in 2014 and started taking little photos here and there. I quickly fell in love with photography. In 2015 I started an Instagram just for my nature photography and ZombieGoddess Photography was born. 

I post all my photography that isn't beauty related there. I love doing it! A lot of the photos I post are iPhone photos since I take a lot of quick snapshots on my phone but I also so post HQ DSLR photos. I love looking at the work through a viewfinder and showing the rest of the world what I see. My dream is to sell prints one day.

I have spent hours and hours taking photos. I've gone on long hikes just to take photos. I love nature and photography. I love sunsets and flowers and clouds and bodies of water. I also love old architecture and bridges. I also love shooting the photos for my blog. Basically, I like photographing anything that doesn't have people in it. 

I love full-color shots and black and white shots so there is quite a mix on the ZGP Instagram. Over there you'll find a lot of sunset photos. They are my favorite thing to take quick shots of. I'm always looking up to the sky shooting sunsets, sunrises, and weird clouds.

During my first trip to the Aquarium, I discovered that I also love capturing wildlife. I loved finally seeing sharks and sea life in person and couldn't stop snapping. I guess that's why my post about the aquarium had over 50 photos in it. A lot of them turned out amazing and are definitely being added to my portfolio. 

I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot into my love for photography. (Pun intended) I really love it! I'll be adding to this as I get more and more photos edited. You can see more photos on my Photography Instagram linked below!


**All Images are copyright to ZombieGoddess Photography and Cassie Hampson**

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